Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual ? A FREE Educational Quiz For All Novice Gardeners

I’ve prepared a special organic food gardening beginners manual quiz to help you discover what I truly believe, to be the ultimate method of growing fresh organic fruits and vegetables.
Hopefully this quiz would help you gain a good understanding about how to set up and organic vegetable garden using techniques that mimics natural habitat.
A natural habitat style vegetable garden is perfect for beginners because it’s very simple to set up and run. The following quiz will reveal the essential details.Question 1: What is the best and easiest gardening method for growing your own vegetables?
a. Traditional style gardening method.
b. Ecological gardening method.
c. Oriental style gardening method.
Answer is b. Ecological gardening is a highly efficient way of growing organic food. I tell you, any organic food gardening beginners manual worth… Continue reading..

Build Your Own Shed With Wood Shed Kits

If you want to have some additional storage in the backyard without spending too much money or time on it, then wood shed kits are the best option for you. However there are certain factors which you need to remember if you want the storage area to add value to the property of yours.

It is important that the wood shed kits you choose help you in building a storage that is not only strong enough to last longer but also blends well with the other buildings on the property. So you need to conduct a research before you purchase a kit.

Not every kit in the market has everything you need for building the storage. Most of them only have the basic hardware along with the list of material… Continue reading..

Tips for Beginning Gardening

 Starting a garden can provide you with fun and rewards.  You can start by setting out a small area for your garden.  If you don’t have the area you can use pots to put your vegetables and flowers in.  Your garden plants require Sun, Water, and food.  You will want your garden in an area that will receive a lot of sun and is close to water.  For example if you had tomato pots they would need to be in the sun and watered. You would need to supply them with essential minerals for them to grow. One of the ways to supply food for your plants is right from your home. You can feed your plants with compost gathered from your kitchen and yard.
  You… Continue reading..

Summers here is so simple garden furniture and enjoy the sun

The winters were snowy, and so you were totally unable to spend a day with ease, because the sun was something missing, and heaters were the only source of heat for you. Summers are now knocking on your door, so all you need now is cool and comfortable outdoor furniture that add beauty and class in your sunbathing. Tan is not a very big problem if all you want to do is to enjoy the summer and see the bright light around the world are scattered, and you’re in the red-hot with the sun blazing over head. The outdoor furniture you feel comfortable, and thus will help you to sit on a stylish and colorful garden furniture, as both of these things you will complement your personality and… Continue reading..

Gardening calendar: plant snowdrops and harvest sweetcorn

Sweetcorn cobs
Sweets for my sweet: pick your sweetcorn now, so you have a good supply throughout winter Photo: Alamy

1 Maximum hydrangea

Pick hydrangeas before they are damaged by wind and rain. To make them last as long as possible indoors, float the flowers overnight in a bath of cool water. Then arrange them in a vase with only an inch or two of water. As this evaporates, the flower heads will dry and keep their colour. If you want them to retain their texture but not their colour, add a drop of glycerine to the water too