Education in Victoria BC

Education is important to all of us, whether you are still in school yourself or your children or grandchildren are attending school.  The quality of that education can determine the quality of the rest of your life, so it’s critical that you and your family have access to an education system with high standards.  Those who are living in Victoria BC can benefit from an excellent education system from kindergarten through post-secondary

Whatever level of learning you seek, you will find an education in Victoria BC to suit your needs.  The Greater Victoria area offers:

A progressive public school system that providing english, francophone and french immersion options, along with religion-based and athletic specialty programs;
Several local private schools with gender–based or coed programs from kindergarten through… Continue reading..

The Big Bang Theory Cast

The Big Bang Theory is a show with a growing acceptance. This television sitcom is about four highly intelligent co-workers at a science university, who live their personal lives in the fantasy world of science fiction television, comic books, and video games. More specifically the two principal characters are Leonard and Sheldon, who live across the hallway from the beautiful Penny. More information below on the characters of the show.

Leonard is played by Johnny Galecki. As principal character Leonard Hofstadter is straight man to Sheldon Cooper’s comic. Galecki you may recall from the sitcom Roseanne where he played Darlene’s girlfriend David. On Roseanne Darlene was played by Sara Gilbert, and Gilbert has a reoccurring role. Also, fellow Roseanne alum Laura Metcalf appeared on the show as Mary Copper… Continue reading..

Garden Weed In The Uk

Aegopodium podagraria
Ground elder reaches a height of about 1m (3ft). It spreads very quickly if left to its own devices. Easily identified by the characteristic white flowers.
Medicago lupulina
Black Medick is commonly found in lawns, especially short cut lawns. Good lawn culture should overcome this low creeping weed. Don’t cut the lawn too close
Elymus repens
The Roots are very dense in the soil and go down about 15cm (6in). The other key identifier is that couch grass will not be killed by burying it under ground as happens with normal grass.
Weak Points of couch Grass
Couch grass is shallow rooted, no long taper like roots going deep into the ground. The roots of couch grass typically go down about 10cm (4in) and rarely more than 15cm (6in).
If the… Continue reading..

Chiropractor Kansas City

The wise saying that “health is wealth” rings truthfully. It is necessary to be watchful of what to eat and what to do with all aspects of a person’s entire life that comprise but not exclusive to the physical, mental, emotional and psychological make-up. To do the contrary is not only painful to the patient but to his or her family and friends as well as to their pockets and emotions.

The range of expenditures attributable to ailments of any kind is not only expansive but highly expensive too when one is not conscious of holistic health management. Do not wait for a pain or injury to occur, not only because it is so much resource-draining but the complications could become worse. Frustratingly, it might… Continue reading..

Eight Essential Herbs to Start a Herb Garden

Whether it is because of the effects of the economy on your food pantry, or simply because you think it would be fun, starting an herb garden is a great idea. Not only will you have something beautiful and down to earth out back that gives you something to do when you’re not at work, you’ll also be happy to be able to use what things you’ll be growing out there. Eight of the most essential herbs to start an herb garden include the following plants: Basil, mint, dill, parsley, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, and chives. With a little bit of information on each of these herbs, you’ll be well on your way to building the perfect little herb garden for your home.

Basil is one… Continue reading..

Farmville Tips

It is very hard to get the best and biggest farm on FarmVille but if you put in the effort, use these tricks and check back often you will gets lots of money. Also help your neighbors as they might repay the favor if you are away one day.  FarmVille does require you to think and use a little bit of math to plan out your routines but this should be simple.

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FarmVille gives you set amounts of time until your crops can be harvested. If pumpkins take 8 hours to grow, you have an additional 8 hours to harvest after it has finished growing. When you plant make sure you add the same amount of time… Continue reading..

Garden Markers You Can Use

Garden markers are small marking put into your nursery to remind you of the seeds that you simply planted at a specific spot. These markers are very best in nurseries or home gardens where a mixture of seeds are planted. The marking allows you treat the seeds in a different way as per particular necessities of specific plants. It also helps you recognize the vegetation when they bud as it takes some time for the plants to take grow totally and become simply identifiable. Some seeds corporations pre-pack garden nameplates on the seeds box up however most is not going to have this extra. Garden markers may also be made at home by utilizing recycle supplies or pure objects such as rocks. However, making the garden nameplates could… Continue reading..

Gardening calendar: sow basil and plant summer potatoes

basil in crate
Now’s the time to sow basil: it looks great in beds, pots or even crates Photo: Suzanne Long / Alamy

1. Sweet and sow

Sow basil in soil beds or pots in the greenhouse, placing seeds individually into soil/compost at 4in (10cm) spacings. If all seeds germinate, remove half, leaving one plant to grow every 8in (20cm). My favourite is ‘Sweet Genovese’, which has the classic sweet basil flavour, but the punchier Thai basil or small-leaved Greek are also good options, particularly for cooking.

• How to avoid faulty basil

Eight exotic annuals to add colour to your summer garden

Butterfly flower (Schizanthus) brightly coloured flower known as poor man's orchid
Not the usual fare: schizanthus, also known as poor man’s orchid, thrives here  Photo: John Keates / Alamy

Annuals are exciting to grow, simple as that. In fact, growing any plant from seed is a thrill, from the moment the seed leaves first push up through the compost to seeing the first flower open. But annuals are extra thrilling because, for the most part, given the right conditions, they are fast. (A recent sowing of clarkia took three days from sowing to seed leaves – although not

Gardening calendar: sow swiss chard and plant gladioli

colourful stalks of swiss chard
hardy: swiss chard brings zing to a border Photo: Food Centrale Hamburg GmbH / Alamy

  1. Sow hardies: Direct sow hardy annuals – long-producing veg such as Swiss chard, flat-leaved parsley (‘Giant of Naples’), as well as filler flowers (Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ and Nigella hispanica) – for your borders. Rake over the soil to create a fine tilth, and sow in a noughts-and-crosses grid, the lines a foot apart (for most things). Sow one seed every inch or so and then it will be easy to thin seedlings.
  2. Divide and conquer: Tidy up perennial grasses