Thorny problems: how can I deter mosquitos?

Water butt in garden
Fish in a barrel: do goldfish in a water butt deter mozzies?  Photo: Alamy

Mosquitos, water butts… and goldfish

Q: I recently read that storing water in a water butt increases the risk of mosquitos transmitting potentially deadly diseases such as malaria. Also, that water butts in urban gardens were found to contain many more mosquito larvae than in rural areas. Do you have any tips on how to deter them?

Ros Midgen, via email

A: I know that mosquitos are

Managing Indoor Plants through a Grow Cabinet

With the assistance of grow cabinets, you could successfully grow any type of plants that you want. Furthermore, flowers could surely be produced and your plants can even provide the foods that you need without any interference from the climate. Grow cabinets can use various methods like ebb and flow, aeroponics and hydroponics to give you the plants that are in perfect condition.
However when using a grow cabinet, you must also consider a few factors to let your plants grow successfully. It is vital to provide the appropriate type of environment when using grow cabinets. Talking about the environment, the size should be greatly considered which is reliant on the largeness of your plants. The number of plants that you want to manage should also be… Continue reading..

Get A Jump On A Gardening Idea For Spring Time By Starting Now

As fall winds down, with crops ripening and being harvested, perennial flowers and bushes being put to bed beneath a blanket of mulch and the yard cleaned up of debris from the past year, winter is creeping closer. With its arrival, many would think that the year is finished, as far as plantings and so forth. However, a gardening idea for spring time is born as you sit next to the cozy fire, thumbing through seed and garden catalogs.
Looking at last years accounting of gardening activities, successes and failures, you make a new plan for a new year. It can’t be started too soon, some gardeners say. If you had access to a digital camera, you may have snapped pictures of the beauty surrounding you outside, to be… Continue reading..

Polytunnel tips: a plan for winter

Dive for cover: Lia Leendertz with her new allotment toy
Dive for cover: Lia Leendertz with her new allotment toy Photo: Jay Williams

I have a new allotment toy. The polytunnel once lived in my mum’s garden, and was given to me as a Christmas present last year. Admittedly, this was the sort of Christmas present that you have to spend two weeks digging out, dismantling, transporting, rebuilding, and re-covering, and which brings you close to either filing for divorce or whacking a certain someone over the head with a large, curved piece of metal. But

Gardening as an Art

Your garden is your huge canvas at home—a kind of canvas where you put your artistic touch in taking care of plants. Coupled with landscaping, a simple plant box can grow and develop into the most refreshing place in the house. Doing plant work may seem some backbone work but it is more fun than that. Some people engage in gardening as a form of hobby or contest.

The art of gardening goes way back into ancient civilization where people used it to grow their food. Eventually, gardening saw potentials other than just growing food such as decoration for a home. Nearly every house in the world has its own garden and a unique way of arranging plants and designing them. In fact, gardening has… Continue reading..