Make Your Plants Flourish With Indoor Grow Lights

It is a requirement for all plants to have appropriate light to ensure their proper maturation and growth. Usually, indoor grow lights are used to supplu the illumination necessary. They are available in many kinds, such as HPS grow lights, LED grow light or discount grow lights. These lights have some things different from one another, therefore you need to understand all of them before deciding to invest in them.


HPS Grow Light

HPS grow lights, referencing high pressure sodium, are a type of HID, or high intensity discharge, light. Although a compact light bulb, they are capable of producing a lot of light, and thus their appeal to indoor gardeners. HPS lights give off light in the red to orange color spectrum, making it the lamp of choice for… Continue reading..

The germination process

The germination is the process by which a seed develops into a new plant . This process takes place when the embryo is inflated and the seed coat is broken. To accomplish this, each new plant requires basic elements for its development: temperature , water , oxygen and mineral salts . The most common example of germination is an outbreak of a seed from a seed of a plant or floral angiosperm . However, the growth of a hypha from a spore fungal germination is also considered. In a more general sense, germination can imply anything that expands into a larger being from a small existence or germ . Germination is a mechanism of sexual reproduction of plants.
The seed develops from a anterozoide located inside the… Continue reading..

Best leaf blowers and vacuums for autumn

The eight blower/vacs on test at Barrington Court, Somerset
The eight blower/vacs on test at Barrington Court, Somerset Photo: Christopher Jones

Falling autumn leaves can be a beautiful symbol of the changing seasons. Beautiful, that is, until you have to clear them out of the garden. There is no shortage of rakes and hand tools at your disposal, and the effort can make for excellent exercise. But in some situations, sweeping and raking is a huge chore. Luckily, however large or small your plot, there is a piece of equipment to make the job easier. Machines have been unpopular because of the

Wildlife Gardening

Wildlife Gardening

Encouraging wildlife into your garden

It’s lovely when you see a hedgehog crawl out from beneath a pile of logs, or a bat emerge from your self built bat house just after dark.

By encouraging wildlife into your garden it not creates a feeling of happiness but also continues to provide important habitants for animals. Below are some tips and ideas to keep up the wild side of your garden.

Planting trees is the most apparent means of creating habitants for mammals and birds; by planting native tree species this will provide food all year round for insects and birds. The tree will offer shelter depending on its size all types of creatures will benefit, and quite often create their… Continue reading..

Gardening calendar: buy wallflowers and cut herbs

Top task: it’s urgent to get wallflowers in place now Photo: Alamy

Plant a layered pot of bulbs for your doorstep, with the largest and latest flowering bulbs at the lowest level (with at least 6in of soil/compost below the bottom of the bulb) and early flowering, smaller bulbs on top. Excellent combinations are crocus above early tulips (e.g. single varieties such as ‘Prinses Irene’ and ‘Couleur Cardinal’), or try an early grape hyacinth (Muscari azurea) on top, with a late tulip (‘White Triumphator’). Top-dress