Don’t be prejudiced: the new Dutch irises are a joy

Sarah Raven plants irises
Early crop: Sarah plants Dutch iris bulbs in her veg patch Photo: Jonathan Buckley

We gardeners seem to love the iris clan. We like their flower form – three lower, three upper petals. We love their petal texture, their stature, and the fact that many flower in the tricky month of May, when most spring bulbs are over but the roses and summer perennials are yet to get going. However, when it comes to Dutch iris (Iris x hollandica) we make an exception. Ask most people what they think of Dutch iris and they’re almost inevitably rude.

Gardening And Design

We dedicate plenty of time and money creating a perfect home for everyone to enjoy, but there’s an additional ‘room’ outside that with a bit of effort can be an extension of your indoor living space. Learning the basics of gardening permits you to let your imagination run free and develop your garden into an ‘outdoor room’ that can suits your needs, your personality and those of your family.
Structure what shape do you want your ‘room’ to be?
The first thing to think about when gardening is what space do you have to work with and how would you like to lay out your outside room. What activities are going to take place in your garden should it serve as an additional dining area for al fresco dinner parties… Continue reading..

Garden Furniture for Outdoor Living

It used to be the case that now and again, unless people were particularly avid gardeners, that families would gather around a small barbeque on the odd summery day before retreating indoors again. However, just as the home is more than a roof over your head and is a sanctuary, so too has the patio, terrace and lawn become an important lifestyle space for leisure time.
Relaxing in a rattan chair with a cup of coffee and the morning papers; inviting neighbours round for a state-of-the-art barbeque; spending the evening outdoors with a patio heater to keep off the chill once the sun has gone down; or enjoying an al fresco lunch with friends on a Sunday afternoon. There is no denying that the outside has become… Continue reading..

Tips On Reviving Docks And Decks

What are docks and decks? To be honest, I would say that these are the structures which are located in your courtyard or garden. Normally, a dock or a deck will give you a spectacular view of your garden. But, you also have to maintain the decks and docks if you want them to be really in good form. So, when you want to revive the deck or dick from any damages and wear and tear you should keep in mind that you have to be on your guard and bring the look of the structures back in spectacular form. Below are some tips and advice which will come useful in reviving docks and decks.
Deck Revive has certain principles. One of them is that after you revive a… Continue reading..

Greenhouse Gardening in the Fall

As the days get shorter and weather becomes cooler, gardeners are aware that their summer pastime will soon be coming to an end. For gardeners with tropical or exotic plants outdoors that they don’t want to lose to an early fall frost, transporting plants into a greenhouse is a good alternative. Greenhouses come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate almost any gardener’s needs. In this article, we’ll explore a few of the common types of greenhouse that might work for you.

Portable or temporary use greenhouse structures work well for the homeowner who is not ready to commit to a permanent structure. Most temporary use greenhouses are designed with a polyethylene vinyl cover that fits over a steel or aluminum frame. Depending on the size and… Continue reading..