Modern garden furniture and bulbs in Bristol

Looking to have your own garden? Look no further, garden centres in Bristol offer everything you need to make your garden as beautiful as the garden centres in Bristol. You will find everything under one roof from plants to tools, pets, pet food and supplies.Reason why you should visit your local Garden Centre after winter:
Get over the chills and head to your local garden centre to pick up plants, seeds, furniture and accessories to spruce up your garden. Buy some of the best summer bulbs Bristol for your spring and summer displays. It is a great time to pick seed potatoes, soft fruit bushes, raspberry canes, onion, and garlic, summer bulbs Bristol such as dahlias, lilies and gladiolus. This is also the perfect time to buy… Continue reading..

Earthy or sweet: a guide to picking the best beetroot for you

Beetroot varieties from dark red to white from James Wong's book Grow For Flavour
Mix and match: from sweet ‘Detroit Dark Red’ to earthy ‘Chioggia’ Photo: Jason Ingram

Put off beetroot by its earthy, soil-like flavour? Well, take it from an ex-beetaphobe like me, beets and muddy flavour need not go hand in hand. The roots derive their dusty flavour from a substance called geosmin. The amount of geosmin that beetroot create is genetically determined, and scientists have been able to rank varieties on a scale of earthiness. Some contain three times more geosmin than others

Thorny problems: should I returf my lawn?

Ornamental striped lawn, sometimes returfing is best when it receives heavy wear
Turf wars: heavy wear can compact soil Photo: Alamy

To turf or not to turf

Q The grass has virtually vanished from a part of my lawn that was subject to exceptional wear and tear from builders coming and going a year ago. It partially recovered last spring/summer, but is now worse than ever. My husband wants to returf the worst bits, but I want him to spike it with a fork and reseed it first, to see if it will recover. Your opinion would

Enjoy and Relax in the Outdoors With Teak Patio Furniture

After a long hard day from work, people would like to enjoy and relax. Rather than spending time in the indoor confines of their homes, they avoid it and move out into the open setting. Spending a quiet and relaxing afternoon in the garden or a having family barbecue in the yard is a lot more refreshing than staying indoors. It can also be made comfortable with the placement of teak patio furniture.

Teak patio furniture is the finest outdoor piece of equipment homeowners can use. They are extremely durable and can withstand the various stresses of nature. When other types of wood materials will warp with exposure to water and moisture, these patio furniture items made from teak will stay in great condition. Their rich wood oils from… Continue reading..

RHS reveal the top ten garden pests

The leaf munching vine weevil is number two on the garden pest list
The leaf munching vine weevil is number two on the list 

Slugs and snails top the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual list of the top ten garden pests again this year, as they have done for the last eight. These common garden pests can cause damage all year round, affecting seedlings and many ornamental plants and vegetables. Plants often affected include potato tubers, hosta leaves and narcissus flowers.

Snail trail to the top of the list (Adrian Brockwell / Alamy)

Entering the list for the