Wildflower meadows: how to create the field of your dreams

Nigel Dunnett in his Olympic Park meadow
Natural art: Nigel Dunnett in his Olympic Park meadow Photo: The Olympic Development Authority

If you want a wildflower meadow that will really enhance your garden, getting the design and layout right is every bit as important as choosing the best conditions, seed mix and methodology.

Simply turning the bottom of the garden into a meadow to save time with the lawnmower is likely to leave you with a patch that looks more neglected than planned.

Professor Nigel Dunnett is the wildflower guru who helped to design the planting

Great Gift Basket Ideas For Wine Lovers

Wine is an excellent accompaniment to any meal. Red and white wines all appeal to different palates and they can just as easily be enjoyed on their own.

They also make a wonderful addition to a gift basket. Some baskets would not be complete without a bottle of wine – namely a basket which is themed to appeal to a cheese lover for example. The soft creaminess of a Camembert cheese blends beautifully with a classy red wine, so it makes the perfect choice for this type of basket.

There is a good choice of gift baskets on the market for wine lovers. Both red and white wine bottles are available with a varied selection of other products. This gives a well rounded gift that will appeal to the recipient’s… Continue reading..

How Gardening Strengthens the World

As the writer Margaret Atwood stated, “Gardening is not a rational act.” If you’re a newbie who’s eager to delve into the gardening world, those words may confuse you, but people who have been doing it for years may have an idea what the saying suggests. The safest speculation is that, parallel to the act of love, gardening typically does not follow definite logical lines.


In a planet that seems to move non-stop toward the ultimate digital era and where people are ordinarily glued to computer screens all day, an exercise like gardening may look bizarre– or worse, just for aged individuals. However, you don’t need to reach fifty to observe the appeals of gardening. It also gives a lot of benefits, and… Continue reading..

Importance of Garden Furniture

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies. Most people put in a lot of effort to ensure that their outdoor area is well tended. From planting the right kind of plants, to removing weeds, from trimming trees to adding the right color to the fence, you take care of every small thing. However, the outdoors doesn’t start and stop with plants; you can add your won creativity and play with the theme of the garden simply by adding garden furniture.

Colorful benches, stylish swings, trendy hammocks and comfortable couches are just few of the things that will completely change the look of your simplistic garden. You can organize small family get-togethers or parties for birthday or wedding in your own backyard, with the right… Continue reading..

Gardening calendar: insulate your greenhouse and protect pots

Greenhouse in winter
Top tip: use bubble wrap or a thermal screen to give you greenhouse extra warmth in the colder months Photo: Alamy

1. Cool chrysanthemums

There’s been huge investment in chrysanthemum breeding recently and they now come in fantastic shapes and colours. The days of feeling snooty about them should be well and truly over. My favourite is the deep purple ‘Smokey Purple’, which appears to be hardy in my garden. If you grow Chrysanths, pick lots of single heads on short stems and scatter them everywhere, contrasting the colour of the vase to