Choose the landscaping company that will do the best work for you


In this day of the information age it has never been easier to find out what you need to know in order to hire the right landscaping company for the job. No matter if your job is a small one of a large one you still need to make sure that the landscaping company that you choose is reliable and trustworthy and that they actually know what they are doing.

You should start by finding out how long this landscaping company has been in business, the longer the better. If they have been in business for 20 some odd years then there is a much better chance that they are good at what they do. Of course there are exceptions to this rule but it is a pretty good rule of thumb. If they were so bad they would probably not have been able to stay working for so many years.

Your checking up should not end there however. You still need to find out just how well run a landscaping company they are. Look at it this way: most landscaping companies are small business and they only have a few people working there. The owners have to do the bulk of the work on their own. That is why they are not always as reliable as they should be. Like other contractors they have a lot on their plate and they can at times get overwhelmed and not show up for a job when they were supposed to. While I do not excuse it I can understand it. They have a lot of people demanding certain things from them. The owners of the landscaping company will generally have to do all of the free estimates themselves, take the appointments, get to the appointments, do the books and then do the actual landscaping company work. Wow, that is enough tot run anyone into the ground.

That is why you should find out how many clients a potential landscaping company has at the time you ate going to hire them. If they sound as if they will be too busy then you might want to choose another landscaping company, one that will have the time that you need. You need to choose a landscaping company that will be dedicated to the work that you are getting done, you are paying for a service and you deserve for it to be as good as it can be.

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  1. We have two dogs that has totally killed our backyard. Over the years, their “dog pee spots” just expanded to the entire yard. So we are thinking of re-landscaping it, but we cannot let the dogs access the part we’re going to fix, so we have to fence it off.

    What’s a sturdy type of fence that we can build? It has to be a little tall too, since one of my dogs are a Great Dane mix, a tall loveable fella. Or if anyone has attempted (and succeeded in reviving their yard with dogs going in and out) please link me to a project or suggestion! I’ve been scouring DIY forums for a week now with no success.

    Thank you!

  2. I’m starting a landscaping company and have been working on a marketing strategy? Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I’ve already made some flyers and business cards.

  3. I am working full time in a higher end greeting cards store. I am second in seniority. I have a diploma in office administration. I am making $11/hr. I recently found out that a part time girl got hired at $13/hr. I am asking for a raise and I’m not quite sure what to ask for. Does $15/hr seem decent to ask for?

  4. i called the hotel, said they purchase them from a company called edward don. theyre jumbo hammocks, light weight material, quick drying, the material is loose, not stretched tight… can anyone help ?

  5. I recently was lucky enough to be chosen as a volunteer, as was some of my family. I felt blessed to be able to help a deserving family I knew slightly. I would love to hear others experiences and would be willing to share more of my own.

  6. I’m not being specific, just let me know because I need the information right now, I’m at my summer school class and for some reason can’t find the salary range, job duties, and requirements for a photographer. Please and thank you. Help me! Urgent!
    Don’t give me websites, just give me the info!

  7. My husband & I run a lawn maintenance/landscaping company. New customers always sign a one year contract agreeing to our prices & services for one year. We’ve had a few customers back out before their contract was up. Their decision to cancel has nothing to do with the service we provide… excuses include lack of money, cheaper prices, etc. What should we do to make sure our customers hold up their end of the contract?

  8. I live in Idaho and want to move tho Washington, would like to contract the people to custom build a module or manufactured home for me, but would I have to buy land to put it on? Could I get a loan combined with purchasing the house with the property? I don’t want a rental space like a trailer park, but I don’t want acres, just big enough for the house and a little yard. Are there any communities in whatcom county Washington that is good for this and maybe have newer modular homes already ready

  9. Greetings,

    I am planning to go on a 10 day trip in Spain starting with the 17th of September 2007. I will be arriving in Barcelona, but still I want to visit some of the others Spain cities as well. For now I think at: Sevillia, Madrid, Granada, Valencia. Can anyone indicate me a cheap and fast way to travel through Spain. Is it by train ? Is it by bus ? Is it by low cost air operators ? It would be great if you could also tell me which company I should choose.

  10. I still didn’t build a system yet, and as I am planning to start building one now, I have to know which company has the best tools (ie, cameras and lenses etc…) for this type of photography that might as well include HDRin as well. You know it’s a long commtiment usually when you choose one of these brands.

  11. I may want to become a landscaper one day. What kind of education do you need, r u supoz to go to college or university for landscaping?
    Is it a good pay?
    years of study?

  12. I have a little landscaping company, I want to go back to school for landscape architect, but its been pretty hard to find any information online, I live in texas and need help on how to become a landscape architect.

  13. I’m 16 and currently work for a carmera repair company making $8 an hour. It is a really boring job and i hate and diagree with most of the companies policies. So i want to leave the company in hopes of starting a landscapeing company with one of my friends. I would like to know if it would be worth starting a company and would like tips on how to start one.

  14. Ok I’ve taken a couple of psychological tests and they all say that I like to work best with Inviestigating (things dealing with ideas) mostly. On top of that I like being artistic (creating new things) realistic ( working with my hands). I do enjoy independence and merit. What I value is money (earning like $100k + a year) but happiness as well ( a career I’ll be happy doing). I’ve thought about Astronomy as one of the candidates but the pay seems a little on the low side, but the work seem awesome. Can you guys expand my variety of sciences as a career I should choose from with these guidelines in mind?
    -Oh yeah, the reason I am sure I want to study sciences is because I love math and I like to learn about the world also; science does both for me.

  15. I’m looking to start a landscaping company with one of my good friends. I need help on the basic procedure from a business aspect … paperwork, license etc …

    If it’s relavent, I’ll be starting the business in Pennsylvania …

  16. I have a grass cutting company that I have run for 5 years or so. I usually just stick with cutting the grass, but this year I want to start doing flowerbeds stuff like that. I did one the other day for what I thought was a good price, but by the end of the day I ended up working for what amounted to $4.5 per hour after paying my friend for his help and buying the materials and working for 10 hours. I understand that sometimes in business, you gotta take the low ones, but this time really just amounts to me mis-quoting the price.

    I was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to give an estimate for services such as putting down mulch, laying sod, pulling weeds, building a whole new flowerbed and any miscellaneous services. If you have any tips, let me know. Thanks

  17. I’m just starting to get quotes to build curb appeal at my property. I’ve gotten quotes from $250 to $750 what am I missing? Is there anything I can ask that would make me look like an informed buyer

  18. When there is a hostile takeover, the target company will against it with defensive tactics such as poisson pills, greenmails, etc. Is there anyway besides to increase the bid price to successfully acquire the target?

  19. Why or why not?

    And how long would you give them in your mind before you felt they were being unprofessional and you should call someone else instead?

    I am a landscaper and I just feel such anxiety about calling people back, I dont know why!

    I think it is just anxiety!

    So how long after you left a message would you give them before you felt like it had been to long?

  20. I cut down a dead tree on my lawn and the stump is about two feet wide. A tree company said it would cost $150 to remove the stump. What’s the best way to do it myself?

  21. Location is central florida and the plan is to lay sod but I am told as I have a lot of shade the roots will not allow the grass to establish itself, others are telling me thats an old wifes tale !!! Help !!

  22. I want to know a good landscape company in Houston that will do a good job without me having to pay an arm and a leg for it. I have been checking a lot of them out but they are super expensive but I want my yard to look nice. ugh!

  23. My stepbrother is wanting to go to school to study horticulture. I know what it is but what all jobs can he expect to get with such a degree and what would be a good minor for him to choose? i was thinking a general business minor so maybe he could start a landscaping or design company, but what else could he do? Thanks for your help.

  24. I need to make over my garden for an event next month and i need to know where i can find a company who offers service for landscaping with a cheap and good service.

  25. I’m due for an upgrade in mid April, I believe it’s around the 15th. And I want to get one of the new smart phones on the market. The phones I was looking at are: Blackberry Bold, Droid X, Droid 2, HTC Thunderbolt, and the iPhone. I was also wondering when the new Droid Bionic comes out and if that’s worth waiting for. Give me some tips.

  26. Hi, I would love to one day become a photographer. Maybe not as my dominant career, but something more like a passion or hobby. I’m currently an undergraduate studying psychology with hopes of one day becoming a college professor or following some career path in the field of psychology. I purchased a cell phone a few months ago, and I love taking photos with it. I take photos of everything. The sky, trees, landscapes, grass, puddles, flowers, insects, animals, lakes, miscellaneous objects, people, bridges, traffic, houses, cars, etc. I would love to have a much better camera, though, to capture it all.
    Any recommendations for a nice camera or what I should look for when choosing a camera? My current budget is around $500. I apologize for having such a low budget, but that’s all I have as of right now. I would love if you were able to recommend a nice camera that’s even cheaper than my budget, but if not, that’s okay too. Thank you.

  27. I want this bed, you can buy from $600-2000. I have designed my own bed which is simalar. Is there anywhere I could actually get MY design made? If you know please tell me around how much if you can. Or is there anyone who could make it for me for a reasonable price? Thanks. P.S. serious answers only or ill report. Sorry to sound so rude but I dont want sarcastic answers like “*******” OK. Please dont be rude. Thanks.

  28. How would you set about it? also are there any companies in uk whom put it onto canvas and frame them like a picture?
    How would i set about it!
    I would want it framed like a oil painting !

  29. I’d like to make a few changes in my landscaping, but nothing major – removing some bushes and plants and replacing it with grass and maybe a few nicer plants. Also extend my patio.

    Does anyone know of a good, trustworthy and reasonable priced residential landscaping company? I live in Palm Beach County, FL – so looking for a company in that area.

  30. I am a starter photographer, I take pictures of Nature Landscapes and I recently created my webpage (I know this will take more than that to promote myself) And I need suggestions on how to promote myself. What should I do to make people interested in my photos. I have great photos but obviously no clients yet. I have been searching for arts festivals but haven’t found any to go and sell my pictures and also promote myself.

    Please any suggestion…

  31. I want to have some videos made for my landscaping business in Pittsburgh that can be uploaded onto Youtube. I want a professional look, not something I did myself. What is the average cost per video. Thanks

  32. I have had a lot of freshwater tanks and I currently have a 10 gallon, a 17 gallon and a 75 gallon tank running with freshwater fish. These are all in my room at my mothers. My birthday is coming up soon and I am living at my Dads for the rest of the year and really want to get a pet to keep me company here. He has offered to get me another fish tank for my birthday but I think I am getting a little sick of fish.

    I thought about trying to make a saltwater tank to keep myself interested as I have only kept fresh water before but it looks like even a small one would be waaay too expensive.

    Are there any interesting ways of doing a tank or combinations of fish that would make this new tank exiting?

    My dad is a little stingy so I think the max he will allow me to get is a 20-40 gallon with no expensive fish.
    I don’t like ‘weird fish’ like salamanders, mudskippers or frogs
    I have owned:
    Betta fish, corydoras catfish, silver dollars, guppies, mollies, platies, oscars, angelfish, many kinds of tetra and cherry shrimp.
    I have bred:
    Angel fish, corydoras catfish, guppies and mollies (the guppy and molly fry is currently used to feed my oscars)

    Any help would be appreciated!
    It would also be great if I could get a combination of fish that look beautiful together as this tank won’t be in my room but on display in the living room.
    A planted tank does sound kinda cool, I’ll look into aquascaping. Maybe I’ll be able to make something that would make our living room look awesome :D

  33. Thanks for comming

    i have PDA touch screen Samsung GT B5310 i don’t know where can i download a free game on site, i don’t mind if a game is Landscape game because my PDA screen is 240×320 or 320×240.

    thanks you.

  34. My backyard is just a rocky weed patch that has never been finished, and I want to have a service come in and dig off the top 6 or 8 inches of soil/debris and bring in topsoil to replace it. What would you call this service, and who would I have do this? Would a regular landscaper do it, or do I need to call an excavator company? There is a significant amount of rock in my soil, so I’m assuming they’d need more than just a little bobcat.

  35. I am still in high school, but I am great at art (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, graphic design etc.) I want to go to collage and major in art and/or creative writing for at least 4 years, the education is not a problem for me.

    Now my problem is, I don’t know what jobs are available to my interests, or the chances of the average person to succeed in that job. I do not what to spend years of my life and money to find out that my skills are worthless.

    What would you suggest?

  36. I am a facilities manager looking to hire indoor tropical plants for my office. Can anyone recommend a good company that are reliable and offer competitive prices?

  37. Hi, I have a landscaping company, I work so hard, and I think my work is beautiful! i would like to ask you guys, where can I find more customers for my landscaping company, i have some of them, but actually I need more!!

    thank you so much, and if you can help with a place or even references that would be great.!

  38. I am doing my advanced higher biology projects and I chose to do the effects of lead on plant growth and/or germination. I was wondering what effects lead has on the growth of plants. I was also wondering if any other heavy metal would give a more noticeable effect and what plant would be effected by lead/heavy metals the most. I need a plant that can grow relatively fast. Please help!

  39. A friend and I were thinking about mowing lawns, mulching, weed wacking, trimming bushes, and other sorts of garden care. With not much experience in business, we were just looking for the typival fee a landscaping company would charge? Since we want to make it pretty cheap to appeal to people struggling during the economy, what would be a good price for that? So less than what an average landscaping company would charge but enough to make the profit worth while.

  40. I advertise on craigslist, FB, And a few other free websites. I also will be sending out 2000 postcards to home in my town of my choice. There is alot of landscaping companys in my area, We need to stand out! HELP

  41. I want to know if it’s possible to type on Word with the page turned sideways. I’m going to be putting up advertisement papers for my brothers company, and I bought some laminate things from office depot, but the three holes are on the side.

    Just let me know if there is a way to turn the page in word so I can type it out like that. And tell me how please.


  42. please explain how its possible and do many do this if want profressional logo and adress on their small business envelope and arent printing many?

    how difficult and how similar looks to what a printer would do and why?

  43. I am new to photography and would like to find a useful and friendly on-line forum, especially if most of the members are in MN. Otherwise an educational and beginner friendly digital photography forum would be nice.

  44. I am doing a flyer for school and I’m pretending to be a landscaping company. I can’t think of the proper term for when a company hooks ur front yard up.

  45. Hi friends,

    We had almost finalised a home but had to back off because the schools rating dropped down badly from 7 to 5/10

    We are again in the middle of a confusion.

    There are two good schools here. One has got 10/10 rating which is the best and the other one had 9/10 rating and this year it has dropped down to 7/10.

    We went and looked at three houses this weekend.

    1. 1960′s built, fully wooden(including the furnitures and floors(which they are going to take it with them anyways)), 2300sft, has a beautiful big pool, the house has a large living room, family room, dining room and kitchen but the bedrooms are really small like 12*14, 9*10, 11*12, has a lot of perennial plants, the outside looks beautiful with many trees and plants. It is almost 0.69acres. The location is nice. Very close to shopping, hospitals and this 10/10 school is right across the street. Price is 280K

    2. 1990′s built, 2600sft, doesnt have a garage, wooden floors, 0.25 acres, all the rooms are of decent size. The area is landscaped well. This one has a pool too. This home comes under the 7/10 rating school. The area is good. Price is 270K

    3. 1980′s built. It is an attached condo. 3BHK. Rooms are of decent size. Doesnt have a garage. Very close to shopping, movie theatre, my husbands office is just right across the street. This home comes under the 10/10 school district and this one has a condo fee of 320 dollars. The price is 168K

    Now here comes the confusions. My husband and I are really confused not knowing what to do and which one to choose. We also want to choose one among the three because we have gone through all possible websites and we ahve seen a lot of homes and we feel only these three homes are left in the market in the area and also which suits our budget. We are not willing to buy a home for more than 300K because we just have a single income. Actually when we started our search, our budget was just 175K but if we want a home in the 10/10 rating school then we need to spend atleast 270K, thats how our budget increased.

    1. We loved the first home. The outside looks beautiful. But we are worried that it is 1960′s built. All our friends are buying homes that are built in 2012 and 13. Does years really matter as long as the home is well maintained. Can we not sell a home that is 1960 or 65 built after another 15 years? The home has a pool. I feel it is really difficult to maintain a pool. Needs a lot of money and time. My husband and I are lazy people. The bedroom sizes are small. Does the matter a lot. Can we not sell it because of this reason? Is an independant home difficult to maintain? Does it need a lot of money also?

    2. The same questions as 1. Also is it important to make our kids study in a school that has 10/10 rating or is a 7/10 rating school also good?

    3. We are also considering a condo because it is hassle free. We need not worry about the outside maintenance, everything will be taken care of by the association but my husband doesnt want to buy a condo because he feels that we just own the house and nothing else. We dont own the land or anything. Also he feels its a waste giving 320 for the condo fee.
    Tomorrow when we want to sell it, does a independant home have more value than a condo?

    Please help me with these questions. I really expect some answers so that we can take a decision as quick as possible.

  46. Im going shopping on friday and i can only get 1 game.So which should i get battlefield bad company 2 or modern warfare 2?Plus which game has better graphics?

  47. My wife and I just started a landscape company and we have spent as much as we can in business cards and having vehicles lettered. We have talked to friends and family and have a website but no luck in finding work. How can advertise without breaking the bank funds are limited and free is good right now. what ideas have we not explored?

  48. My wife and I have started a landscape company. We specialize in patios,sidewalks and retaining walls. we also offer septic installation and repair, drainage and of course regular property maintenance but we are having trouble getting the name out we told all our friends and family. We have a website,passed out cards and even have out vehicle lettered what else can we do.

  49. I am working full-time during the day with a landscaping company, therefore I need to either do night classes or online classes. I realize eventually i will need to hands on learning, but for now I know I need just my core classes, so I need to know what kind of online school is good to start at and have my credits transfer to a good landscap architechture school.
    I am in Washington state but will be moving to VA in about 2 years.

  50. I’ve booked in a landscape company to pave/landscape the front of my house and i guess the 45% upfront payment is for materials. but you always see on Watchdog that certain companys never come back?! i’ve never used this company before and wondered if this payment amount was normal? any help on this would be gratefully received. thanks

  51. I’m looking for some direction in starting a company bank account. I’m starting a landscaping company with one of my good friends and am obviously going to need an account. Does it cost money? How does it all work?

  52. My yard is literally dead!!! The hot summer plus no rain for a month really did a number on my yard and i didnt have any type of sprinklers to keep my lawn hydrated. Does anyone know of a good landscape company to help me out with the sprinklers and new grass?

  53. Okay, so we’re opening a landscaping company and we need to name it but the names we’re coming up with won’t do. Any suggestions? You don’t have to worry if it’s taken or not, just give us suggestions if you’ve got any :) Thanks!

  54. I’m a young guy, currently in college, looking to really start up a landscaping company.
    I’m trying to really expand this year and make some money.
    I want to make flyers, a website, uniforms, etc etc.
    Before, I go do all that, I want a good name I can stick with for a long time.
    Currently, I operate under the name “Lucky Lawn Cuts”. Some people have told me it’s kind of catchy, but I think it’s a bit cheesy. Any thoughts on that name?
    I also sometimes use “Matt’s Mowers” because my first name is Matt.
    I don’t want some cliched name. Like Green this or Green that.
    Some basic info, I operate in the Washington D.C. area

  55. the company i work for is a landscape company and there are about ten trucks the crews work with. ALL of the trucks are i horrible shape and dangerous to drive (both mechanics even said the place would be shut down if it was reported).
    i need to know where to report this and how. this business is horrible, this is not the only problem, nor the biggest but it seems like the quickest way to open doors for investigating.

  56. I’ve offered a small landscaping company 5 dumptruck-loads of medium to very large (800+ lbs) granite boulders (very clean) in central Wisconsin. They’ll have to pick them up and transport aproximately 18 miles to their site. What would be a fair price for them?

  57. I own a small lawn and landscape company. I would like to get into commercial maintenance. I would like to know how I being a small company can start expanding my business and start bidding larger accounts for landscaping and lawncare as well as snow plowing and removal

  58. I’m wanting to help my friend out, M&+M. She only has one answer, and I don’t francly accept it. She is just curious on what this animal, Serval, needs. She knows about the food, care, treatment, the laws, and most to know, even the two year course you need to take. But even I can’t find a good landscaping company for wild pets. This would really help me and my friend out. Thank you

  59. I have owned and operated a landscaping company for the past 10 years. I have been maintaining residential properties and I am interested in expanding to commercial maintenance and landscaping installation. I have insurance and the equipment to handle the jobs, but have no idea where to look for them. Is there a website or something that would tell me what jobs are coming up for bid so that I might be able to prepare something? Thanks for your help.

  60. I’m a young guy, currently in college, looking to really start up a landscaping company.
    I’m trying to really expand this year and make some money.
    I want to make flyers, a website, uniforms, etc etc.
    Before, I go do all that, I want a good name I can stick with for a long time.
    Currently, I operate under the name “Lucky Lawn Cuts”. Some people have told me it’s kind of catchy, but I think it’s a bit cheesy. Any thoughts on that name?
    I also sometimes use “Matt’s Mowers” because my first name is Matt.
    I don’t want some cliched name. Like Green this or Green that.
    Some basic info, I operate in the Washington D.C. area

    Thanks guys!

  61. In the recent movie “Fun With Dick and Jane” starring Jim Carrey, one of the bad-luck things that happens to Dick and Jane as a result of Dick losing his job is that the landscaping is reposessed. Which led me to think the other day, how do you get landscaping on credit? Assuming that they did not put it on their credit card, or get a home equity loan (because a credit card company or a bank, I would think, would not reposess landscaping; rather, they would force payment on the card or note through bankruptcy or foreclosure on the collateral), my thought is that they must have had credit with a landscaping company and were paying a monthly payment, which, when they couldn’t afford the payments anymore, was reposessed. So, is this really possible, or do you think this was just done for comedy’s sake for the movie? Anybody ever heard about having landscaping done on credit through a landscaping company? If this option is for real, my yard could really use it…. ;) Thanks!
    Yeah, I thought it seemed like a stretch. The reposessed the in-ground flowers, shrubs, plants, newly-planted tree saplings, and grass. Any thoughts anyone?
    Yeah, I thought it seemed like a stretch. The reposessed the in-ground flowers, shrubs, plants, newly-planted tree saplings, and grass. Granted, it was hilarious, but I’m guessing, not based in reality. Any thoughts anyone?

  62. Hi.

    I am looking for a local landscaping company in Simcoe Country. From either Collingwood, Stayner, Wasaga Beach, Creemore or Blue Mountain. They must be able to complete interlock and lawn care services.

    I am looking for a professional and affordable landscape company that can service both my residential and commercial needs.


  63. I’m gonna be 15 next year and i would like to get a job under the table with a landscaping company. Is it illegal and how much should i be getting paid?

  64. I have an accounting class and each group has to come up with a simple business and we chose a landscaping company…..and I’m trying to think of a really cool name for it. Any suggestions?

  65. What service would you want most out of a landscaping company. This is a year round business, grass in the summer, planting in the spring, clearing and cleaning in the fall.

  66. We are looking to redo our front and sideyard on our house and want to get recommendations on good reputible and economy landscape companies in Sydney. Thanks.
    i mean Sydney Australia and am after one for west suburbs near Strathfield.

  67. I’m 17 how can I start a landscape company? I have a mower a truck, snowblower, leaf blower, and weed wacker. How can I convince people for a teenager to take care of their yard? Also how to get a lot of customers to make good money?

  68. Other than to do snow removal what does a lawn and landscape company do during the winter parts of the season? I am opening my own business and I need to know what to do in the winter other than snow removal? (my reason is, because if we have a mild winter then I have no way of making money on snow removal)

  69. I am starting a new landscaping company but i can’t think of a good name…
    i want it to be irish or have green in it or somethin

    i have already tried these but they are taken:
    - Sullivan’s Lanscape services
    - Emerald Landscaping
    - Shamrock Landscaping

    any ideas? thanks!

  70. I’m new to Michigan so I need to know when the landscaping companies usually start with spring cleanup and flower beds and what not… Any input is helpfull thanks a bunch!

  71. I am a graduate student preparing a business plan for a landscaping company. With this I have run into a sort of dead end concerning revenue during the winter months. I am trying to figure out what the company might do during the winter time when landscapers can not work.

  72. What is a good business name for a lawn and landscaping company?
    I am starting a lawn and landscaping company and would like help with some good names any ideas? thanks!

  73. I’m writing my essay about the human resource management in UK landscape companies, but I can’t find out the typical ones, who can tell me some of the most famous landscape companies in UK?

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  74. I was working in Anchorage, AK for a landscaping company that usually had us working in military bases, schools, etc. that required to pay DB (Davis Bacon) wages. Now, I am moving to Honolulu and am looking for similar jobs where I can at least get 20 hrs. of DB.

  75. I am a graphic designer (not graduated from art school)- sometimes i need to draw logos – cartoon illustration to use in the flyer or something like these -so i start to collect drawing books &video(landscape-portrait – perspective cartoon caricature….) from the internet but the problem i confused between all these sources-so i need to know which point i should start(what should i learn fisrt??- to get to my goal

  76. i have a fencing a dnd hard landscape company and i am looking for a new van.
    i was checking out the defender because it is in insurance group 1 and very reliable and im classed as a young driver!
    BUT i want to keep up a professional image for my company!
    do you think this will look professional?

    check out my site! site!

  77. I’m planning on later on going on to medical school but at the mean time I’m trying to find a job that I could actually learn some real skills that could be widely used. I was thinking about getting into welding or landscaping? Which one would I be better off and have more skills that could be used in more situations? I want to balanced in having a skill that his manual labor like and one that is used more mentally ( hence why I’m planning on going to medical school in the future). I have a strong work ethic and would not at all mind doing some manual labor work but at the same time learning a skill that is more mental.

    Thank you so much, this means a lot to me.

  78. We’re just about done with our website…wondering what kind of advertising works best to begin with. Ads in smaller local papers? Mailing campaigns? Email campaigns? Flyers? I’d like to eventually do all of these, but as we are just starting out and don’t have a ton of money for advertising, I was wondering what worked best for others? Thanks.
    Actually we are targeting homeowners. We are a group of sub-contractors that basically are starting our own company because the contractors we work for aren’t getting us enough work, so we want to take it into our own hands, start our own company, and try to save people money at the same time by not really having to pay contractors fees, just basically paying the sub-contractors directly. I guess that’s our biggest draw, is that we’re cheaper than most contractors, but we’re just as skilled (if not more so) than the workers that they hire.

  79. I plan to start a landscaping company from scratch. Meaning i have no landscaping experience, i am in college for business management and can confidently say i believe in myself that i can manage a business successfully. I know i need to learn the trade as well though. I plan to get a job with a landscaping company to learn the in’s and out’s of the biz. But how do i start a landscaping company of my own. What are the steps i need to take to get a good start. And how, if i have employees, do i make a profit off of each lawn. How does the regular operating work. What things do i need to buy first. A truck i suppose, and then a riding mower?? i dont really know… and who sells the things i need at the cheapest price. i think just to start ill need, in order of importance, a truck, riding mower, a leaf blower, and snow blower…etc. Please help??? and how much do u think it will cost to actually start the company.

  80. So I’m starting a landscaping company and want to name it ConScapes. My last name is Conrad. Everyone seems to think putting Con in a name is bad for your image because the customers might think it’s being run by convicts. I mean, really? lol What about Con Edison, Con Air, ConAgra, Conway, Conrail, and Conn’s. ALL big names. What are your opinions?

  81. first of all thank you for reading an helping answer my question to your best abilities all answers are appreciated(:

    i recently got a Nikon3100 an i couldn’t stand it,so i returned it an i have gone hunting once again(:
    Nikon an Canon make great cameras but when it comes down to it there are more then just those two company’s so i’ve recently went looking more into cameras an i have choose to look at a few others including a canon

    1)Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2- anyone ever use this? pros? cons?
    2)Olympus Evolt E420- anyone ever use this? pros? cons?
    3)Canon EOS Rebel XS- anyone ever use this? pros? cons?

    feel free to post links for photos an recommend cameras,i do mostly landscape an portraits,i used to own a Kodak Z1012 IS really simple an took amazing shots at only 10mp,i’m looking for something similar,i’m mostly just an amateur looking to improve my photographs,i have tested all 3 cameras above and looked at millions of reviews plus photos by the cameras on flickr,but i’d like to talk to someone with personal experience(:

  82. I’m going to be getting my G.E.D soon and was wanting to apply for a trade school or something of that nature. I really want to find a career that is similar to some of my interests. As of now, I work at a landscaping company, and let’s just say that’s not my interest. I would really like to do something in video game design or something to do with that. I’ve yet to findd a art institute in Alabama though, so location seems to be sure to slow me down. I’m 16, I have a small family of my own. And I want to find a school or something, so I can start on my own path. Could someone please help me out? Maybe a list of trade schools? And which ones would accept g.e.ds? Thank you a lot!

  83. I will be making floral arrangements for weddings mostly, however I also plan on doing landscaping/snow plowing under the same Business name. Must have MnT in the name.(Capital M lower n Capital T) Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!

  84. I m doing Final year mechanical engineering.can anyone tell what course can i take for PG.and which country will have better syllabus.if possible suggest a college and please mention its fees structure

  85. Does anyone any other national Landscaping companies besides Davey and US Lawns?
    Or any Landscaping brokers?
    Thanks Sunny…but I came across those as well…Valley Crest operates as US Lawns…they are the same company..

  86. There is a community college that offers a horticulture program. Can I start a business by going to this class or do I have to go into some type of business class?

  87. triangler shaped front yard needs a low maintence but pretty make over. have started the process of killing weeds & fertilizing whatever grass is there a lot of dirt patches. was thinking ground cover. instead of grass. there is no shade. in central florida any ideas?

  88. hello, i’m opening a new business.that involves distributing bags of several ads inside and put them on people’s door knobs like the door hangers.
    i need a name for this bag that is catchy,small,easy to memorize and has some ring to it
    things i thought of and decided not to go with are:
    Door hangers, neighborhood marketing, stork flyer ,ad mail, ad break,stork,agent one,BAG it
    can you guys please suggest something that you think fit?

    Thanks in advance

  89. You could say I’m a ******** go get-er, I’ve graduated highschool with honours but decided not to go to university because my vision was different but now i’m having second thoughts.
    I always wanted to do something with properties, i started going door to door for lawncare when i was 16, by 17 i was doing landscaping with boulders and bobcats and building decks now 18 i continued doing that except i was doing a little bit of interior work.
    Now i’m recovering from a car accident that i had 2 months ago, i still can’t walk, which gave me a load of free time to plan my future. I’m dreaming that one day maybe a decade later I will be building not just homes but industrial buildings, concrete based buildings, from car washes, plazas to condos. I know this gets so much more technical than stuff i’m doing. Would I be able to achieve this through the route i’m taking? should i go to school for architecture? Will I be able to just hire someone for that? Any help and insight will be appreciated

  90. I live in California, and been renting a house for over 18 months now. The lease expired 5/6 months ago so now I’m on a month to month lease automatically by law. When i went to sign for the house, the management company said that i had to pay an additional $80 a month for gardening, that they would provide but it would be paid directly to the owners of the house with the rent. Verbally the management company said that it would be done twice a month. Except for the odd month, the yard was done twice a month for 14 months until this last December. December they came once, then january 0, feb once and now just came yesterday and it’s half way through March. The owner of the company has complained that we never paid the $80 in January ..and we told him well you never came in Jan, and we are feeling cheated as the garden isn’t getting done twice a month anymore. He says he doesn’t need to do it more that once a month as we
    never had a contract stating how often it would get done just a contract that we had to pay for it. Is this legal? What are my rights here..he was doing it twice a month before for 14 months and now we still have to pay and be lucky that a gardener even turns up. I would really like to speak to the home owners..but they live in China, and only know their do I surpass him and try to contact them directly? Does he legally have to give me their details if I ask for them?
    Anyway is this even legal? I’m sure I heard of something on one of those tv court programs…where if you have a contract and it starts off a certain way for long period time that it is becomes the agreement on both sides and can’t suddenly be changed without notice…or recontracting/negotiating.
    Btw the management company is run by one guy, we tried calling him in January …but I think he went back to china again for a month + like last year… and he mostly does the garden too with some other person.
    Thanks for any legal advice :P

  91. hey, hows it going..well, Im just wondering if “Lupes Landscaping”sound like a good name for the landscaping business i’m going tostart this summer. My last name is Celaya, so would
    “Celayas Landscaping” sound better than “Lupes Landscaping”,,,thanks!..let me know what you think of the names I chose.Like does the name seem something you would be interested in? Or does it sound like a name that can and has the ability to be popular and remembered by people easlily?..thanks a lot!

  92. Hi, I’m 17 and well, I pretty much do not know what I want to be what I grow up. Well, I love the sky and landscape, and I also take interest in planes and machines, but I’m not really in love with physics. I also love tavelling and photography, but I don’t want to be a photographer, that’s just a hobby.

  93. Do those lawn aerating sandals really work, or do the big aerating machines work the best? I really dont want to rent or pay someone to use a big machine. I would rather buy those sandals from the loca nursery. thanks

  94. I am a 23 year old and currently work in the hotel business. Next year I would like to start a landscape company to help earn extra money. I am going to start small and try to appeal to the residential market, but would eventually like to make it a full time job. I need advice on what types of mowers, weed eaters, blowers, etc to buy. I want to buy commercial grade so it will last me a long time. Not sure if I should buy a walk behind, sit down. zero turn or what? Also what sizes? Like I said it will mainly be around .5-1 acre middle-high end homes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Kevin

  95. Starting a business, landscaping & lawn care, really need a good name and slogan. Professional, catchy unique so that it sticks out and people remember it. At first it will be a one man crew, but as it grows it will expand in employees. Everything associated with lawn care, mowing ,seeding ,mulching. Specializing in rock waterfalls, rock foundations, retaining walls.I have a masonry background, and experience in lawn maintenance. Any Help greatly appreciated…PLEASE HELP…
    Maybe something that says different types of work in landscaping ….trees….rock…sun ???? PLEASE HELP AND GIVE ANY ADVISE THAT YOU CAN

  96. I need a stand out name. Like green way or Terra scape. I would appreciate any Ideas I want to stick to two syllables and some what tie into the thought of a green landscape.


  97. I don’t mow grass…
    but i’m starting a landscaping company and i do hedges, trees, land clearing, lake cleaning, etc..

    Please help me think of a good, funny name!
    Thanks :)

  98. what i’m looking for is what is a decent rate for cutting grass?? i don’t want to overcharge and can’t afford to undercharge is there a certain rate per acre or per quarter acre etc.. i’ve read a few places but they were very non-specific with things. i’d be working in the Lehigh Valley, PA if that helps..

  99. why and HOW they pushed so many people in these large “Mc Mansion” style homes..(Btw, when were most of these style of homes built? what is a “Mc Mansion”?) to adopt this style of landscaping? and why they liked it? (AS SEEMS SO MATERIALISTIC AND 90210 STYLE TO ME)


    as so many of these newer neighborhoods..especially in the USA have large planting beds all filled up with the foundation planting..lots of large evergreens..huge areas of just piled up mulch..(commercial business park style around “Mc Mansion” homes)

    how specialising in only the “accent planting” part of landscaping would be a big hit or not? (Since so many of these homes have left these out for some reason? BUT WHY?) as they got the heavy work done now with the foundation planting?


  100. Imagine you were about to make a promotional brochure for leaflet distribution company. You have 5 different pages with no copy yet made, and you are asked to shoot 5 different photos to cover each page. What subject would you choose for photographs (landscape, people … ? )

  101. I’d like to start my own Landscaping Company, but unsure how to begin. I know ther are vusiness classes U can take but are there college courses avail. for landscaping or is it a learn as you go? Any information will be helpful.

  102. I can do a lot of various things in the yard. I am now just starting on cutting peoples grass. I get asked to do other things like weeding, triming, etc. I obviously cannot handle tons of clients. There is a lot of customers in this area. What is the basics of starting up? Any suggestions?

  103. This is a small locally based landscaping business that provids mowing, trimming, landscape design, and snow removal. We want to slowly start going green. So besides recycling we haven’t really done much else. We can not afford to switch mowers or trucks over to fuel effeciant just yet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  104. Alright, I’ve just bought a computer that can play all the video games like Call Of Duty Black Ops, Gta 4, Halo reach and …. (Almost all video games can be played on this computer)

    So, I’m going to buy some great game. But I don’t know what I should buy.

    Can you suggest me one??? The game that has an awesome graphic, Very good story, and very beautifully landscape when you are on the top of the building or something. and also a large map that we can go almost everywhere (Like GTA 4)

    but Please, don’t suggest me a gta series game, cox I’ve already had all of them.

  105. which one is best? any recommendations

    Endless Outdoor Creations
    Dagleys Outdoor Creations (my name)
    Harmony Landscape & Irrigation
    Harmony Outdoor Creations
    Outdoor Expresions

  106. Hello, I just turned 17 last week and I just started my own landscaping maintenance business. I have been doing this for about a year, but just realized on putting this in a business. So, I’m having some trouble with a name and slogan, so anything would be nice. Thanks so much! Hope you guys have some good ones :P

  107. I need a large number of public LED lighting, such as high-power LED floodlight as landscape lighting, LED street lights, can anyone recommend some LED lighting company with good quality and reasonable price?

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