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There are many benefits to growing medicinal herbs. Not only do we get to harvest and use the herbs for medicine, but the act of growing them yields tremendous benefits in the form of exercise and connection to the earth. There is also the opportunity to help others by offering them herbal remedies for their ailments.

What better use of garden space could there be than growing plants that are beneficial to our health, physically, mentally, and spiritually? In addition, it is good for the earth and plants because many of the most popular herbs, such as Echinacea, are being over harvested in the wild. At the rate that we’re going, herbs like Echinacea will become extinct if we don’t do something about it. One solution to this problem is growing our own medicinal herbs instead of buying them from manufacturers who are harvesting massive amounts of these herbs.

As the world gets faster and faster, balance in the form of connection to the earth becomes more and more important. We cannot afford to let ourselves become disconnected from our roots that belong to the earth which we depend on for our survival. Learning about herbs by growing them, and medicinal herbs in particular, is a very powerful way to get more connected to our planet. It is also an opportunity to beautify our homes and gardens.

Deciding what herbs to grow

When choosing which plants to grow, some research is required. One great way to choose is to look for plants that you will use yourself. So, if you have a particular health issue that may be aided by particular plants, or a specific use for an herb, grow it, nurture it, and learn about its personality. Growing herbs equals developing relationships which help us to understand the personalities of the herbs.

How much space?

When you’re first starting out, start small lest you become overwhelmed by the maintenance requirements of a bigger garden.

A good starting size for new gardeners is 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4m) square or round. You can expand from there if you choose.


When you’re thinking about starting a new garden, it is always a good idea to map out your plans on a piece of graph paper. You can set the scale so that each square equals 1/2 foot (15 cm). Next, you should draw the paths, fences, etc in your garden so that you can see where the planting areas will be.

Plant Spacing

When figuring out how much space to allow for each plant, a good general guideline is to allow 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) for each plant. This is not an exact figure as some plants will need more room as they mature and some will require less.


It is important to take into consideration the amount of sunlight your garden gets when deciding which herbs to grow, so spend some time watching and keeping track of that.


Knowing what type of soil you have is also helpful in deciding what plants will grow best. Your soil may be sandy, rich loam, clay, gravel, or a combination of these. Figuring out what type of soil you have will help you optimize the success of your garden.

Plant Height

Next, plant height must be considered because you don’t want to have short plants growing behind tall ones. Consulting a book that has information on the various plants you are interested in is the way to go with this.

Color Scheme

Think about the bloom colors of the different plants you will grow so that the colors are pleasing to your eye. Taking this into consideration ahead of time makes planning your garden like painting a picture.

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  1. As you may know, winter is coming by fast and I’m starting to get sick of western medicines. I’m now starting a medicinal herb garden with mainly immunity herbs. I’m not sure if some of these such as astralagus, St. John’s Wort, Milk Thistle, etc will grow and thrive in the winter time. I could really use your help!

  2. I do it for medicinal reasons (alternative medicine), aromatherapy, kitchen (cooking) and spiritually (use in spellcraft). I have my own herb gardens, growing and harvesting for my own use mostly, but I do share when I can.

  3. I don’t have no space to put them in the freezer can I put them in a Medal file drawer next to a window , it has a curtain the room can get warm when it is warm outside will it dry up the seeds
    Should I put the can of seeds In the closet it does seems to be much cooler and dark .

  4. I need a new hobby, and am out of options (I live in a tiny town two hours from anywhere, and everyone else here drinks and gambles, which I’m not interested in). I’m still living with my dad for another 1-2 years, so I can’t get out of this town just yet (believe me, the second the opportunity comes, I will).

    I’m thinking of starting a medicinal herb garden, maybe with some flashy flowers too. I used to have an herb garden, but i left my plants in the care of my mother (who has a black thumb) for one week. I came back to a dead aloe vera. How is that even possible?

    Anyways, what plants would do best indoors? I can offer a windowsill for them, but I cannot keep them outside. I’d prefer a few options that have the same water needs, so I can keep them together without drowning one and depriving the other.

    Thank you.

  5. What sort of schooling does it require? Is apprenticeship common? Would you need additional training to have a natural medicinal herb shop? I’ve been thinking about pursuing a career involving herbs and making natural herb-based health aides to sell in a shop. Any things i should consider from anyone with any experience with either getting my schooling/apprenticeship done or opening an herbal shop would be most appreciated, and let me know what you think of my idea too please. thanks!

  6. I have a terrible cold. I’m sneezing like crazy, and I refuse to take medicine.

    Are there any herbs that are okay to take, and help fight off colds?? Do you know of any herbs that heal anything else?? If you could, list some garden herbs that fight off anything- sore throat, sneezing, etc..

    Thanks in advance!!

  7. After having been to a few countries I have to say English gardens are one of my favorites but I’m not exactly sure how to put one together myself? What flowers, lay out and technique are used?

  8. I’m planning on putting together an herb garden for my girlfriend as a surprise. Along with tradition herbs, such as cilantro, basil, etc, I’m hoping to add in some medicinal herbs that will grow well in Phoenix.

    She’s really into this sort of stuff and I honestly know nothing about it.

    Can you help me with a list some popular herbs one might grow?

  9. I am growing an herb garden for medicinal purposes and i came across Dill. It’s used to bring on periods, and to tread digestional issues. The instructions say to use 2 tsp of BRUISED DILL SEEDS, per 1 cup of water. How do you bruise seeds, Dill in particular. Much Thanks :)

  10. I am interested for growing herbs and any random plants for medical uses for example: burns, head aces, bug bites, soar throats, cuts, bruises,ETC. pretty much anything and also if you have and plants that you like to brew as a tea or anything like that, it would be helpful if u that to but it would be really helpful if you could give me some plants i should start with or some subjects i could research or any help and advise would be tons of help thanks.

  11. Any ideas? I was thinking about boiling water with ginger for two minutes and drinking it, but I don’t know if it’s healthy for my voice. I have slightly damaged vocal cords. How can I make a herb drink to sooth and repair my voice, and possibly strengthen and improve my singing?

  12. I’m looking for colorful hardy plants that would look nice in a medicine wheel garden. Any suggestions/ideas welcomed.
    I live in Connecticut and the medicine wheel already has mint and oregano growing inside but want to add something different. I’ve had lavender, parsley and basil growing in there in the past.

  13. Unfortunately, I’m not acquainted with anybody well-versed in the art of herb-growing. Fortunately, I have you guys!
    I am considering growing my garden straight from seeds. I have researched medicinal herbs through books and Google, but there is just too much information to filter through for what would be useful. I would love to hear from someone who has already been in my metaphorical shoes.

  14. i’m growing an herb garden and i want a list of herbs that could do really well in south florida.
    any field will be fine and also i live in parkland (southern flordia about 20 mins from fort ladurdale)
    we have a big yard and some are going to be potted plants

  15. I’m looking for a good, reliable guide for medicinal and edible plants and herbs of North America complete with pictures, descriptions, uses, and application processes. My cousin just graduated from college with degrees in forestry, environmental sciences, and (randomly enough) literature, and I want to give her a graduation present. She loves reading and the outdoors and hopes to get a job at one of those new-age outdoor high schools that are popping up here and there. She tends to get injured a lot during all of her hiking trips and keeps complaining that she knows all of the plants to avoid but not the ones to try to harvest so she can grow a garden once she’s settled down. I’d really think a guide like this would come in handy and that she would love it. Any suggestions?

  16. I am going to try to grow herbs at home and I am looking for herbs that are good for cooking, natural pestisides (such as peppermint oil), medicinal, teas ect. and I can’t find a list of herbs and what they do can anyone tell me where I can start?

  17. Hi there all , i would like to start raizing poultry with as little stock feed as possible, so i would like to fence of an area and grow herbs, fruit trees, vegetables and all sorts of plants that will meet the reguirement needs of a number of chickens, ducks and geese, any advice from poultry breeders, hobby farmers , and pet owners will be apreciated

  18. I live in a tiny apartment…the only two windows (one in living room, one in bedroom) both face north. I think it would help my state of mind to have some living things in here! I have a crazy work schedule that varies constantly, so I need some low maintenance plants. I would like variety, and some flowers! Any ideas? I’ve been researching on the internet, but would love some personal opinions. I’m also open to cooking and medicinal herbs.

  19. I live by the ocran and have had trouble growing flowers in my window boxes other than the usual gardening center annuals. I want something interesting in them with colors of pinks and purples, any suggestions. They are in full sun

  20. Hi I’m planting stuff today and getting seeds and I was wondering what herbs would be good for me to plant. I’m just getting into witchcraft, and herbs arnt really my thing (I’m awesome with crystals though) so if you could post the names of some herbs and their meaning that would be great

  21. I read this book some time back and I liked it a lot but I can’t seem to remember the title :( It’s about a girl named Andrea who makes an acquaintance with a woman who owns a dog, has a very charismatic character, is sort of a self-taught artist and teaches Andrea about medicinal herbs and pottery etc. At first Andrea only helps to sit her dog, but is subsequently drawn to this woman’s world. The woman helped Andrea learn about herself, but dies in the end and leaves Andrea with her dog. The ending is somewhat like “Andrea, you are this, and so much more”

  22. I know I want to grow peppermint(for the oil) and aloe vera(for the gel)

    What else should I use. I want to all be organic and the fertiliser needs to be organic too, Do you know a good fertiliser?
    What plants should I grow? (I need some for colds and headaches)
    Where can I buy seeds? and how should I care for my garden?

    Can I leave it outside, water it everyday and use fertilizer and let nature do the rest?

  23. I am looking to grow some herbs for medical remedies. I only have a few pots to start with. I am already growing parsley, rosemary, basil, garlic, ginger and chives. They are all growing well. I am in zone 10. My question is: if could only grow 2-4 more herbs which ones should I choose?

  24. I’m looking into making a herb garden for the dogs in work (Rescue kennels) for some enrichment for them. I need some ideas for some easily grown herbs that have various aromas but that are safe if the dogs happen to have a little nibble.

    If they have medicinal properties then even better! (especially if they have a calming effect!)

    Some things I was thinking was Mint, rosemary, Lavendar that kind of thing :)

    Thanks for any ideas :)
    An extra walk a day is simply not enough for some dogs I’m afraid. They need MENTALLY stimulating so my thought was to plant various new smells around the exercise pens we have to engage their brains. This will be in conjunction with other plans.

  25. I’m doing a report on medicine in the middle ages so please help. I just need the names of some herbs and how they used them or prepared them ie: ground them up boiled them etc. Thanks so much!

  26. I’m planning my herb garden for next spring and summer and want lavender, I’m wondering what variety is best for culinary use and what variety for aroma?

    Any suggestions and advice welcome… I have only grown lavender once, years and years ago and can’t remember what variety it was ;)

  27. I live in virginia beach where we get warm/hot summers about 80-90 degrees F and in winter it can be anywhere from 60 degrees to 20 degrees. For instance, its in the 50s today but last weekend we got a foot of snow and it was hovering around freezing, dipping into the teens at night.

    I like herbs that have medicinal uses such as chamomile.

  28. So i want to grow a herb garden mostly of medical herbs and i was wondering what types of herbs grow best in eastern north carolina and what they are used for? And please no one say marijuana -_-

  29. I am going to try to grow herbs at home for cooking, natural pestisides for gardening and fruit trees, medicinal, tea’s ect. does anyone know where I can find a list of herbs and what they are good for?

  30. I’ve been getting into natural medicines for awhile now and I’ve been thinking of making a garden where I can grow the things to practice this. What would be some good things to put in it and is it too late to start in Pennsylvania? Also, links/books on how to do create medicines would be appreciated.


  31. I just moved into this house the other day and I found a wonderful garden of passion flowers by my front door. I did a bit of research on the medicinal uses and lo and behold, I would benefit greately from it, having anxiety with tachycardia and IBS. I have an herbal tea strainer already but I have always bought already dried flowers.

    What is the correct way to make herbal tea from fresh flowers? Do I dry them first or just pop them in the water and let them steep? With passion flowers, do I use just the flower? How do I dry them properly if I need to do so?

  32. I would like to start a medicinal herb garden along with my cooking herbs because i know some are the same, however I have no knowledge on the subject and I like to learn as much as I can before doing something like this. My family all takes perscription drugs for various reasons from asthma to excema, reflux and cronic pain and more. It would be nice to relieve some symptoms without drugs.

  33. I know that ancient societies had herbs that they grew for headaches and stomach aches etc. What do you think are the most useful ones? My younger sister has to do a girl scout project on it and see if they actually help with the problems.

  34. A website or a book is fine, which includes herb properties, how best to use the herbs (in tea, aromatherapy etc) and maybe how best to look after them in a garden. Thank you in advance.

  35. I’m trying to grow lavender, chamomile, sage, mint, and basil. If anybody has any other plants that are good for homemade teas or anything with medicinal properties that would be alright to grow indoors I’d love that too.

  36. I grow fruits vegtables and medicinal herbs that cats just love eating how can i yeah you know, i thought of putting chainlink fence around everything but that is just too much. other suggestions? *10 points

  37. im interested in growing and finding medicinal herbs because I hate taking medication and would much rather use a natural remedy. what can I find in southeast Kansas besides mullein and yarrow?

  38. After smoking my legal medicinal herb my eyes go all red, lol. Is there any other ways to make them clear up so people don’t know I’ve been smoking my legal weed ;)

  39. I am becoming very interested in Wicca. I am not a young kid, I am 30 and I would like to find out more about casting spells and how to use herbs medicinally. I already know a lot about medicinal herbs but I would like to find out more and in a way that pertains to Wicca. I would also like to learn how to do simple spells. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  40. My wife is into medicinal herbs and I was just wondering if those are as effective at treating problems as synthetic drugs. She keeps insisting that the herbs won’t cause massive side effects like the synthetics but they take longer to work. Anybody here have experience dealing with this enough to answer?

  41. I hide on here behind this carefree, medicinal herb smoking facade, when I truly am a depressed sad soul. Mostly for being in a country I do not belong in. Recently I had a dream where He, In His Almightiest Fiery Glory, spoke to me, and offered to let me have all that I desire. All of the special plants, all the women, all the money, all the fame, in exchange for worshipping his mighty self. I think I should do it.

  42. As a homework assignment I need a list of six edible medicinal herbs and describe what they are for, what benifits, side effect ect.. Can you list some? Some links where I can research them or see what thier benifits/ side effects are would be great. 10 points for best answer. Thanks

  43. Hi,
    Can somebody tell me where can I buy 100% natural products like pure coconut oil, almonds oil, and cocoa butter? I also would like to find some medicinal herbs like Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Calendula.

  44. i have been hospitalized for kidney stone twice and i have trough away 2 stones normaly by drinking lot of water i refuse to go for operation and i want to know how to prevent the sedimentation and formation of the such stone, plz help if u know what diet have to take or what type of exercise to do…ant type of medicinal herbs to use?

  45. all have to be in pots , so alli have to do is go outside and pick them for my cooking……what shall i grow ???? for kitchen and medicinal herbs ?? thanks
    i have lots of herbs on my allotment , but i wanted to choose some medicinal ones too
    oh god..i didnt mean drugs !!!!!!

  46. Hi Everyone,
    I am going to infuse oils with medicinal herbs and I am trying to find a device that would let me heat the oil and herbs between 100F and 130F. I thought I would use a crock pot but the minimum temperature for those is 150 and that is too hight for herbs. Does anyone have an idea on what to use? Thank you so very much!

  47. Whenever I watch dramas or movies, I can see that they like to drink red wine when they’re having some meal or during special occasions. In fact every time I go out to have lunch/dinner with my family, they’d definitely order few glasses of red wine and enjoy drinking it as if it’s an orange juice. I did try to have some red wine but it tasted horrible. The scents of alcohol is too strong and it’d taste bitter. Sometimes I forced myself to enjoy drinking it together with my family and friends yet I somehow failed as I feel like drinking some medicinal herbs. I’ve tried drinking red wine around 12 times already(some are expensive ones) and I’ve decided to stop drinking it as I do not like it anyway. So back to my question, why do people like it so much? Doesn’t it have weird taste that curbs your appetite?

  48. I hide on here behind this carefree, medicinal herb smoking facade, when I truly am a depressed sad soul. Mostly for being in a country I do not belong in. Recently I had a dream where He, In His Almightiest Fiery Glory, spoke to me, and offered to let me have all that I desire. All of the special plants, all the women, all the money, all the fame, in exchange for worshipping his mighty self. I think I should do it.

  49. I drink a lot of tea, including herb teas (like chrysanthemum) that have certain medicinal properties.
    Using chrysanthemum as an example, I have had this herb/tea for 1,5 years. The tea tastes fine, the color is still good, but does this also mean that it’s potency is still good? Can medicinal herbs lose its potency over time despite still having good flavor and color? Or are herbs still potent if they still smell/taste/look good?

    If herbs still have flavor and look/smell good, does that mean they’re still potent? Or does the potency fade away before the looks/smell/flavor does?

  50. I live in Wisconsin and I am originally from Morocco. There is many opportunities to make money by importing things from there. Snails and medicinal herbs are one of the cheapest products there, and here it s the opposite. Snails cost money, and medicinal plants also.
    I am just wondering if someone is interested in this business, so we can try to work it out, and if it doesn’t work, it will be a good experience.

  51. Some helpful tips. TCM includes: acupuncture, herbology (dispensing of medicinal herbs), Tuina massage, and sometimes Tai Chi. It will be in Canada. She loves mountains, and has a strong interest in food/cooking,diet.
    I thought of “Ancient Road” – and have a logo with a road winding up a mountain. She doesn’t like it much.

  52. I would like to dye clothes, but I would want them to serve more purpose. Also, how permanent the herbs would be and how bright or dull it would become after a washing.

  53. A) The Penan do not have pet monkeys.
    B) Pet monkeys are a valuable source of protein in the Penan diet.
    C) Pet monkeys pick fruit from high atop trees and warn the Penan of dangerous animals as they move through the forest.
    D) Pet monkeys are used in herding other livestock. They are also exceptionally good at locating water sources.
    E) Pet monkeys are used in locating medicinal herbs which are used by the Penan shaman.

  54. i’m doing research on medicinal herbs and i’ve been surfing the net for all the herbs i could find and their uses but i cant get a little MORE detail on their uses. does anybody know a site where they have a well informed description of medicinal herbs and uses or atleast a site where i can download a free e-book, a good one? any help will be appreciated!

  55. Always wanted to be able to go into the woods and find medicinal herbs, spices, and food to eat. But I’d rather not risk my life doing the trial and error thing. I’ve always respected those who are able to walk through the woods and point out everything around them. Is there some kind of guide for beginners or should I just start studying plant anatomy?
    Thanks for the ideas… but not really what I was looking for. We all know that most anything can be learned from a book or a college class.

  56. I am very interested in medicinal plants & herbs and their potential to cure cancer, AIDS, and other diseases. Can someone please give me insight into how valuable they are now to science and medicine and their future (value in the medicine business and science research) as well as with the ***? Are they considered weak now and what about in the future? How can genetics and molecular biology be involved in research with these plants? What education do I need to be involved in the medicinal plant industry and in pfizer or other drug company giants?

  57. I had no idea that there were so many materials that these things were made from! One mortar and pestle is for foodstuffs, and the other is for medicinal herbs. Hope that helps. Thanks all.

  58. Medicinal herbs-dosages not just for salads for taste.
    Would you consider yourself against individual peoples use of unregulated-untested herbs altogether,
    or just against the public promotion,marketing and sales of them with unproven therapeutic claims?
    Do you take them for experiment or if no other option etc
    I saw this herb list on google.Why does noone make clinical studies on all this stuff?

  59. What sort of schooling does it require? Is apprenticeship common? Would you need additional training to have a natural medicinal herb shop? I’ve been thinking about pursuing a career involving herbs and making natural herb-based health aides to sell in a shop. Any things i should consider from anyone with any experience with either getting my schooling/apprenticeship done or opening an herbal shop would be most appreciated, and let me know what you think of my idea too please. thanks!

  60. I realized that the only thing Im more passionate about than graphic design is nutrition.. I want to study nutrition and medicinal herbs.. What could I go to school for and what careers should I consider?

  61. They say weed is a drug, it alters your mind, but at the same time it relieves pain, and gives a sense of happiness.

    So I wonder, is marijuana poisonous plant of some kind or a medicinal herb-type plant that maybe the ancients used before white man outlawed it.

  62. Okay being as professional as I can on Y!A I ask what my chances are for being accepted for the use of Medicinal herbs. I turned 18 last weekend, I live in the state of colorado.

    And I am coming off a leg surgery I had 4 months ago. Along with chronic ansomnia from the medicine I been taking for the recovery process.

  63. My garden has what seems like hundreds of spiders, what is the best way to get rid of them and how can i keep them away.
    Is there something in the garden that they like?

  64. i just planted a garden and the soil does not seem very moist. it looks as if my poor plants are going to die. what should i do?
    my garden drains really fast and the plants are dying. i have tried manure and that does not work. i guess i could try a compost or mulch. what do you think?

  65. Hello. I’m interested in starting my own garden at home. I’m planning to plant strawberries, tomatoes, blueberries, watermelon, and grapes. I’ve chosen a plot of land, but I don’t know exactly how to start a garden. The plot of land is riddled with weeds, soil seems to be poor, a bit sandy. What can I do to make it suitable for gardening? I’m an absolute beginner.

  66. How big is your garden. What kind of garden is it. How old are you(roughly say teens, mid 20′s, early 50′s, late 70′s etc) and do you find it easy or difficult to maintain?

  67. I’m thinking about starting a veggie garden since I can’t afford to incorporate fresh veggies and such into my diet. what’s the best way to start a garden and mantain it, in the south east?

  68. The area of the garden is 160 ft² and the perimeter is 52 ft.

    How do I do this? I already know the dimensions of the garden are 10 × 16 ft but what does it mean to “maximize the area while keeping the same perimeter”? And how would you solve this?

  69. I want to start a vegetable garden but I’m not sure where to start.

    Any tips on a first time garden-grower?

    What type of soil? plants for the season? should i start a compost?

  70. I had a sloping garden ten years ago, and we levelled it up for easier maintenance. Unfortunately, it started to fall away on on side, and we had to remove a beautiful pergola, and an underneath patio of york stone. When I was digging at the weekend I found a six inch deep slab of concrete which is about 10 feet long and 2 feet wide. My husband thinks this was put in to retain the garden. I think we should dig it up as the erosion has completely cracked it which is why the pergola had to come down, so I don’t think it is very useful. I know nothing about construction. Help!

  71. This is my first garden and I want to produce good crops. I also have watermelon, jalepeno, and cucumber. I know I should start them inside, but when, and when do I move them out.

  72. It measures approximately 6′ x 4′ and is very heavy. I have a walled garden with the only access through the house so I can’t bring any motorised equipment into the garden. My lawn is well established and 100′ long and I want to move the shed to the far end of the garden with minimal damage to the lawn.

  73. I have a couple of raised garden beds. I have a cat that keeps crapping in my garden. It would not be so bad except it tears up all my plants when it does it. I have placed mouse traps in the garden hoping to deter it, but that doesn’t seem to work. I don’t want to harm it, just keep it out of my garden. What can I do?

  74. I have a small area for gardening and have never tried before but I would like to start my own garden. I know I want to plant tomatoes and other veggies, anything that is simple to grow. When do I plant each particular plant?

  75. I am planning on putting in a vegetable garden this spring and would like to do some research first. Especially on natural ways to keep bugs away, i.e. using different flowers and other plants. If you know of any good websites to go to let me know.

  76. I have a large garden where I grow vegetables. Cats from other gardens enter every day and night and leave poo. They also scratch up seed beds.
    I have a cat scaring gadget but I would need twenty for my large patch.
    I also use sprays that purport to deter animals but I’ve just watched a cat totally ignore the area that I sprayed.
    I’m fed up spending money to deter other people’s cats.
    Any suggestions, Please?

  77. I live and garden in the desert Southwest. I’ve learned how to garden around killer hot summers and super alkaline soil. So, far the places I visit most are the Garden Web Arizona forum and the University of Arizona agricultural sites. What about you? Where do you learn about growing herbs and veggies?

  78. My garden is a total jungle with all sorts of weeds and i was wondering if they would die out by themselves. The only thing thats good about is it has a rose bush.

  79. I always water my garden around 5 in the afternoon. It’s summer time and soils are really dry that they crack. How much water should I leave? I have red palms, palm tree, cactus and others.. I only stop watering when I see initial flooding.. since soil absorbs them, within minutes it’s all gone. But is it enough to last them the next day? Does the planting matter, like if the roots were planted really deep so they need more watering for the liquid to reach them?

  80. I moved last fall and plan to rip up redo the garden here. I dont know what zone im considered but im in southeast kansas. This garden isnt huge but not bad sized for below the window its about 3ft deep and 4-5ft wide right up to the house. My house faces north. There are no trees around so no issue there. Just want something to get a good start for the spring.

  81. I need a little help with my fall garden plans. I plan to plant my fall garden at the end of July. (Mississippi) I was looking through these sites that sold vegatable seeds, and i noticed they only ship during seasons for some reason. Where could i find Vegatable seeds locally? Also, when i go to plant the seeds how far apart should i plant them? Or does this vary between different vegatables? Also, should i plant all of my vegatables on archs of dirt, or just plant them on flat dirt? (i know i need to plow the dirt first) If anybody can give me tips on planting my fall garden from start to finish, i’ll give you 10 internets. Thank you.

  82. I plan on beginning my gardening this weekend. My garden currently consist of a large patch of soil loaded with weeds. What is the best way to get rid of these weeds and make sure they don’t come back this summer? There is nothing planted in the garden right now, so anything goes in getting rid of the weeds.

  83. I have a little celery, some lettuce and a chamomile plant in my little garden. A rattlesnake got caught in my netting and died. Maggots came to eat him and I am delighted to let them. How will they affect my garden and how do I get rid of them without ruining my garden?

  84. I really want to grow a water garden in a clear glass tea cup. Could I buy plants from a pet/fish place? How would I start a plant like that from seed? And also, when planting a bigger water garden, u need to use clay, where would I buy this special clay? Thanks!!!

  85. I have in garden only tulips and Zumbules, who are only in spring time.Give me advise what kind of flowers are in autumn and summer. I’m from Macedonia, Europe. You can answer me on Macedonian, Greek, Serbian or on Croatian.

  86. Garden tips – what have you learnt… for me it was to dig a fair size hole and fill it with topsoil, leaving a hole still where you plant the plant – then you just fill the hole up with water – it takes so little water this way… you can grow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers zukini etc. this way so easy to water/so little water and you do not need good soil, just the soil you put in the hole needs to be good.

  87. Buying beautiful flowers from Garden Centres can work out to be very expensive.

    Any ideas – for an amateur gardener who has no idea what she is doing – to create an impressive and eye catching garden without spending a fortune would be appreciated!

  88. I built a garden on Sims 2 and now I want to rearrange it. I’ve harvested all my veggies and I haven’t fertilized the dirt yet so I just want to move it or delete it but it says ‘can’t pick up’. How can I move/delete/put grass over it so I can rearrange my garden?


  89. I have a 4 foot by 8 foot vegetable garden without any vegetables in it yet. I was thinking about a tomato sauce garden. Does anyone know what I should plant at what times ? or whether to start seeds or buy plants? thanks I hope it works

  90. My vegetable garden is already established, but unfortunately the leaves are yellowing and it has quite a bit of weeds meaning it needs fertilizer. Any suggestions how to fertilize it efficiently, without compromising the plants?


  91. I’m a novice to gardening and we are planning to create a community garden. The area suggested is on a slight incline. Maybe 20-30 degree. What are the particular challenges involved in creating a garden in such a landscape and also how would you do a community garden in such an area? We’ll need a deer fence too. Please help!
    Our garden is only 20×20 big … please advise.

  92. My back garden is 5m x 8m and north facing so not much sun. The grass is full of moss and never gets much chance to dry out. I’d like decking or something more exciting than poor quality grass, any ideas on how to make the garden look bigger and better?

  93. I have a vegetable and flower garden that has been ravished by japanese beetles. How do i get rid of them safely, so that i can still eat vegetables from the garden? We also have many bees in the area and I don’t want to hurt them.

    Thanks for any help!!

  94. I think I am one of few gardens around my house that still has any grass in the garden……consequently I think every cat in the vicinity comes and Cr*ps there and I would love to hear as to how I can stop this. Any idea???

  95. I can only plant my vegetable garden near a black walnut tree. Something in the tree make-up prevents certain plants from growing. Which ones do better than others. Thank you
    There is sun but the drip line of the tree is close to the garden.

  96. I want to grow a great garden with tons of veggies and herbs not to many fruits though. So what do you say can you help me.
    I just asked a question in the same categorie maybe you can answer that one to please.

  97. The garden measures 1 & 1/2 feet wide X 34 feet long. I’m only wanting the mulch to be an inch or two thick. I am planting Figaro Mix Dahlia’s and Mojave Salvia in this garden.

  98. hello
    i got some land , im not interested in fruits or vegetables farming because i don’t think its profitable , so i decided to try medicinal herbs , if someone have some knowledge please share it .

  99. I want to start gardening, and I am planning to plant a few carrot seeds and a few lettuce seeds to get my garden started. When should I plant the seeds? I was thing around late March, what do you think? Also what other plants should I add to my garden, Also any tips for caring for the carrots and lettuce? By the Way I live in Roseville California, which is near Sacramento.
    Also does it matter if its raining?

  100. I am just starting to plant my garden. I decided to do a small herb garden. I would like some examples of herbs that are pretty easy to grow and that taste great. I cook alot with oregano, basil, rosemary, and parsley. Have any tips or any other suggestions for a great garden? Thanks.

  101. I have a small garden plot, but the soil seems decent. I know nothing about gardening, but want to give it a go.
    I knew there would be some1 that said ‘weeds’. As for the ganja, that would be nice, but i’m looking for someting legal.

  102. No experience with gardening!! I just bought a house with a small (4′ x 3′) garden in the backyard. Right now the garden is empty but I hope to get some flowers & bushes in soon. Do I need to separate the garden from the surrounding grass with some sort of barrier so they don’t grow into each other? Or will the roots of the plants keep each other from overgrowing? Secondly, I am looking for a hardy ground-covering type plant that grows with minimal care and perhaps has some nice flowers. Any suggestions?

  103. My girlfriend LOVES the stuffed mushrooms at Olive Garden. For our one year anniversary, I want to surprise her and make them for her. Anyone out there that knows how to make them? I know the basics of cooking and can follow directions easily.

  104. So this spring I have decided to start a vegetable garden! This is my first ever garden so I am here looking for some tips and pointers. I have done some research but would like to hear from others on things like what to plant this time of year (was planning on plants like broccoli, onions, spinach, peas, kale, cabbage, beets, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, melons and possibly aspargus) how to prep the bed (mine is a raised bed) general growing/care tips or any other information. greatly appreciate any help! I am very excited to start growing my own food!
    oh also for got to add i have a compost pile that is about 2 years old, would this be alright to use for soil?

  105. Have garden,can’t afford fence,deer like stuff in garden. I’ve used chili powder with some success in the past but I had to reapply every time it rained. any info would be great.

  106. I am currently using Miracle Grow Garden soil. Should I continue using this when I transplant them to their final bed?
    Someone on YA said to use “plant food”, can you tell me what kind?

  107. I have read many articles that suggest using old tires for container gardening. My father is considering making a vegetable garden out of tires. Does the tire pollute the soil and there fore the vegetables? I it is bad to burn tires.. Should I be concerned about the quality of the vegetables? Have you seen any scientific evidence about this topic? Or environmental tests?

  108. I’m limited on space so I’d like to grow a container garden this year. I’m looking at gutter gardening as a practical way to grow herbs, lettuce, etc. but would there be enough room in there to grow garlic?

  109. Each year it is the same. The perennial garden is too large. I should have divided plants in the spring. It now seems like an insurmountable task. My garden has outgrown my energy! Any suggestions? Zone 3

  110. Let’s try and get beyond obvious things like deadly nightshade and yarrow. I did somethings last nite on the subject want some more stuff.
    the apple of peru is an interesting one.
    i never said you were a witch. admittedly though, i’m not really interested in charms and potions. i’m interested in dark natured plants such as poisons etc.
    i hate good witches

  111. I have a project for biology, and I am researching the impacts of over harvesting medicinal plants on biodiversity. If you have any websites I can look at so I can site them, that would be great as well.

    Where are medicinal plants located that may be over harvested?
    When did this become an issue?
    How are the plants an impact on the biodiversity of their ecosystem?
    What are the organizations that are protecting the plants?
    And any other impacts over harvesting may cause?

    Please site your sources and if you have anything to add to help me ace this project that would be awesome…Thanks!!

  112. If possible, I’d like to keep them inside all the time. If not, I want them in pots outside, because I’ll be moving soon and don’t want to leave them behind. Here are the four I’m growing: horehound, mugwort, common yarrow, and St. Johns wort. I have a windowsill seed-starting greenhouse. Will that work for all of these? I also have an AeroGarden, but with only three holes. Will these do fine with that, as well? I have 100 seeds for each of the herbs, so I’m planning on planting a few plants of each, just in case one doesn’t take.

    I can’t find any care sheets online that are specific to any of these herbs AND tell how to grow them from seed. If anyone can find any, or knows the specific light, water, soil, etc. needs for these specific herbs, that would be welcome.

    Also, St. Johns wort apparently needs to be stratified. The seeds are tiny – any tips on how to do this so that I can find them again when they’re ready to be planted?

    If it is necessary to move these outside, can someone tell me where I should place them, in order to have a sunny or partially shaded area? My backyard faces east.

    I think that’s pretty much it…

  113. . . . and do you have a garden?

    ( All answers welcome. No TDs given. )
    FYI: I have a garden. Pomegranate, fig, lemon, blood red orange, mango, peach and cheery trees; three different grape verities, tomatoes, zucchini and a few herbs bushes. I do most of the planting, cultivating and weeding. The kids pick and eat most of the fruit and veggies. Someday, I hope they grow gardens too.

    I gave everyone a thumbs up for responding to this question. Love to give everyone best answer, but have to choose only one response. God bless you all, may your gardens flourish and be bountiful. (((GREEN THUMB SMILES)))
    fractal – Your mother must be a great woman. Keep gardening my friend!

    Tiger – Did your father or mother do most of the gardening? Don’t need a green thumb, just plant and water.

    Bilbo Baggins – Yellow squash, I think that would make a good addition to my garden. Thanks for the idea.

  114. I am starting a windowsill garden. What are some interesting or medicinal herbs, other than the standard basil, oregano, thyme, parsley etc.? What are some herbs that grow year round? What herbs grow the fastest? Any help is really appreciated!
    Lol. Nice one, but that’s not an herb I can put in my window. :)

  115. i grow mint last year but i did not know what to do with it but only to make tea i want to know what other use i can use with it. if you need to know what mint i have to be more specific i have Peppermint and the other one i don’t know what it is but it has green broad leaves and have a strong scent and taste if you mint experts can tell me how to use em that be great.

  116. Hello;

    I am planting an herb garden for my family. It measures 12′x12′. We are located in SC, USA. This map shows our hardiness zone, but I am not sure what this means as some maps show us as low as 5 and others use an 8 minimum. This one has temperatures.

    I am modeling the garden so that I can get an idea of root ball size and plant height so that this will be pleasing to look at as well as beneficial. We will be planting mostly edibles, though we may mix in some aromatics. This is a raised bed. Mints will be grown elsewhere, (preferably 3 or 4 blocks away. It shouldn’t take a day or two to reach our yard :) ).

    I need a website that will give me information on root ball size and height. This will give me some accurate modeling data to look at. If you happen to know of any AutoCAD modeled plants, that would be totally awesome.

    She wants Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Basil, Cilantro, Lemon Grass (maybe balm if it is not hardy), Marjoram, Parsley, Dill and (Ugh) Mint.

    Mainly, I am looking for the rootball volume and potential plant height.

    By the way, I am planting in clay/sand. about 85% sand by volume. 18″ + deep with Red clay below. I am amending the soil with 5 year old fines from an old mulch pile. I will be putting 1 wheel barrow full (1/2 to 3/4 yard?) per 3′x3′ area and turning to about 12″ by shovel. My tiller broke.

    There is 0 nutrient value in this clay/sand. It is more of a construction soil. Packs like a rock with just a small amount of water. That’s why I am ammending it. Also placing some old oak leaves that were on top of the mulch pile.

    Any answers and assistance will be greatly appreciated. Also any winter herbs that may be useful would be great. I would like this to be a winter garden. I can add other areas for perennials(?).

    Thank you and God Bless.

    Have a Great Day.

    Frank Pytel

  117. I’ve heard of ones that help with pain, some that work with burns and itches and some for headaches, some for digestions. Do they actually do what people say they do? If so what are some goon ones and how can i grow them?

  118. I just saw a question asking if Pagans had started an herb garden. I was not aware that this related to anything spiritual from any particular belief.

    For Pagans, what would be the reason for an herb garden?

  119. My husband and I finally have a house, and I plan to plant an herb garden to use in my craft. I always seem to run out of herbs right when I need them, and I figure having my own little garden should help with that a bit. Dealing with the Earth in general just seems like a good idea to me. Anyhow, I seem to be drawing a blank! So far I’m looking to plant sage, rosemary, lavender, garlic, and basil. What should I add to this to make a well rounded witches garden?
    Definitely! I have an empty flower bed out front, so I will definitely plant wild flowers and such out there :o)

    Haha! Henbane could come in handy… However, since I don’t know how to properly handle that particular plant, we’ll leave it out for now. Plus, that isn’t a smell I want too near my home ;o)
    Thanks for the site Hannah! I happy for help from anywhere :o)
    I was thinking about a mint, I just wasn’t sure which kind. I’ll definitely keep it contained. Oh! I was looking at mugwort, and it’s another one that will run rampant if not contained, one that can grow to be 6ft on top of that! Haha Just something I found to be interesting.

  120. I’m hoping to make an herb garden. Of course, there are the obvious uses for cooking, but I’m also interested in the medicinal qualities of certain herbs, as I really do hate conventional medicine. Of course if it is a serious condition, I’ll see a doctor, but minor things such as headaches and whatnot.

    Also, I am a pagan so I would also take into consideration some of the more spiritual uses of herbs as well. However, this is a minor concern that I can look up later.

    Basically though, what are some basic herbs to get me started that I can use for either cooking, medicinal, or religious purposes? I’m really quite lost. I’m just not sure what the “basic” or “default” herbs in an herb garden might be, for whatever use.


  121. Does any one know of a gOOd book on this? One that covers many different types of herbs, how to gorw from seed, how to cultivate/harvest, and so on? You know a book that shows more than just pictures! One that well worth the money even if it is 40-50 bucks…

    I keep reading about several different books online, but since I cant see in them and my local bookstore doesnt have them, I’m afraid to buy without asking for your opinion… thanks.

  122. I would like to grow medicinal herbs, but so far my efforts have failed. I live in an apartment and need to grow them inside. There are only two windows that I could put them by, one of which never gets direct sun, and the other has sun heavily filtered through a tree. I bought a full-spectrum light bulb to aid in their sunlight needs, but this doesn’t seem to be helping much. I don’t have the extra cash to get any fancier than that. I have tried mint, lemon balm, chive, basil, gotu kola, sage, and thyme.

    I think that I just need to try and grow perennial medicinal herbs that prefer full shade and are hard to kill. Could anyone list for me medicinal herbs that thrive in full shade? I would prefer herbs that aren’t root-based in their medicinal properties (such as ginger) as I don’t want to dig up my potted plants!

  123. I was considering growing some medical herbs, and i was wondering how i should begin (what seeds to buy, etc.)
    also, anyone know a website that has info on that kind of stuff…

  124. I am looking for a book on herb gardens to give to my mother for Christmas. I would like it to have a theme either on medicinal and culinary uses, or associations of herbs with other plants in the garden, i.e. which herbs keep insects (wasps) away or which enhance growth of strawberries, etc. Can anyone recommend a good book on this subject?
    I am looking for a book on herb gardens to give to my mother for Christmas. I would like it to have a theme either on medicinal and culinary uses, or associations of herbs with other plants in the garden, i.e. which herbs keep insects (wasps) away or which enhance growth of strawberries, etc. Can anyone recommend a good book on this subject?

    In answer to the question below, the location is northern France.

  125. Along with my vegtable garden this year I am going to plant an herb garden. Aside from your usual cooking herbs I wanted to plant a few medicinal hrebs also. However I want to be sure of their safty first. I plan to add Camamile and Feverfew. I havent research any others to this point. So I have two questions.

    1: what would be some other useful herbs to grow and what are there uses?

    2: Regarding Feverfew. It is suppose to be a pain reliever however I can not find anywhere the correct dosages, the only info I can find saids to “chew on a few leaves” Thats just not detailed enough for me. So in what ways and how much should I use?

    Thanks for your advice!!!
    LOL… I live in the city… I think I would get caught…LOL… But thanks for the advice.

  126. I have herb garden, 7 actually professionally done. Problem is that the herb tags have been removed and though I know what we had originally planted, now that they have grown (overgrown) with tags missing I don’t know what is what. I need help! My garden can be seen by going into my website (, and clicking on gallery, click on i for titles). Can anyone help ID these herbs? I have harvested those I could identify, but some I’m @ a lost.

  127. Medicinal herbs really interest me a person could really benefit and save money by having their own garden but my question is WHERE DO YOU BUY THE SEEDS??????

  128. my homework for biology is is “name and describe 3 medical wild plants in the auburn area. how can they be used? what cam they treat? any risks?” and so far i have no success. just dandy on finding any information. just dandy thank you?

  129. I like to do crafts and would like to make my own herb bag. The kind you warm in the microwave and put on the sore muscle or your head if you have sinus problems.
    I’m not sure what herbs to put in it.

  130. Does any one know of a gOOd book on this? One that covers many different types of herbs, how to gorw from seed, how to cultivate/harvest, and so on? You know a book that shows more than just pictures! One that well worth the money even if it is 40-50 bucks…

    I keep reading about several different books online, but since I cant see in them and my local bookstore doesnt have them, I’m afraid to buy without asking for your opinion… thanks.

  131. 1. Catnip
    2. Anise
    3. Lemon Balm
    4. Peppermint
    5. Lavender
    6. Lemon Grass
    7. Angelica
    8. Chamomile
    9. Rosemary
    10. Lemon Bergamot
    11. Citrus Marigold
    12. Feverfew (seems pretty straight foward)
    It’s fine if you can’t answer them all, as many as you can would be helpful :)

  132. i am very confused and will like to know soon. Im hoping to be a medic and help when my friends or family get sick anytime. I was hoping i can use both but wondering if theres a different system in growing each? Please answer

  133. I was wondering whether anyone could compile me a list of medicinal plants and herbs found in Britain? Thanks for any help.
    I suppose there’s not much I could do to narrow it down. It’s for a story based on life 6,000 years ago. I don’t know whether or not you lot would know that sort of stuff.

  134. I would love if somebody could give me a list of medicinal seeds (names) and their uses. I don’t care how expensive they are but I would want to know a list of seeds used for medicine for ANY sickness or injury or anything!

    (Please don’t tell me that it’s a huge responsibility because I’ve planted herbal seeds before and I have experience. Just please give me a list and if you have any experience, did they help? Any helpful answer would be welcomed.)

  135. I just planted some burdock in a pot, and I was wondering what are the health risks and benifits of drinking burdock root tea?

    Also, I have a wood strawberry plant, and I want to know does the root of the wood strawberry have the same teeth cleaning properties of the wild strawberry?

  136. I get nausea a lot. I’ve taken over the counter meeds and prescription meeds but nothing has helped like weed has. A few puffs and my nausea is gone and doesn’t come back. With meeds from store my nausea is barely affected and doesn’t come back for the rest of the day. Also, one prescription pill for nausea I took had a bad reaction with my body and I had to go to the emergency room. It made my neck spasm and my head shootmin different directions. Weed would never do that to me. I love using it as medicine in thismway and I’m sure many other people have found it useful for their conditions.
    Don’t tell me anything about weed being bad.
    Don’t tell me anything about weed being bad.
    I know I misspelled meds that’s cuz I’m using an iPad at a store
    I know I misspelled meds that’s cuz I’m using an iPad at a store
    Gary, the reason why i asked that no one post anything about weed being bad isn’t because i’m close-minded or scared (you dont know me), but because i’ve heard it all before. i KNOW the potential risks already because i have done TONS of research on weed and smoked it many times. so again, you shouldn’t assume i havent done research and just think one-sided about weed. i’m interested in what people have to say about weeds medical properties, and anyone posting about weed being bad is not productive or helpful to my question at all. also, i KNOW that all because i had a bad reaction to a pill doesnt mean the same thing will happen to someone else who takes it- i was just pointing out the fact that the prescription meds did nothing for me-one sent me to the ER and weed was a useful effective medicine. and as for what u said about weed causing adverse reactions in some people, yes that probably does happen but i’ve never heard of a person smoking weed and then having a reaction like i did

  137. I live in the basement of a house described as the garden flat. This is a rented property.

    I pay more rent than any of the other occupants of the house who have separate flats and only reason I can come up with as to why this is ( considering that we all have the same amount of bedrooms ) is because I have sole use of the garden.

    There are no partitions in the garden and we all have the same landlord.

    Do you think that I have sole use of the garden or that it is a communal garden. I have access from my kitchen whereas the other people use the fire escape to gain entry.

  138. Well, I have a project in school called the invention convention, in which we have to invent something and do a project on. Well, I came up with an idea, and we were required to do a patent search, patent application, etc. My invention is an herbal infused chewing gum, and now I’d like to know if you guys(or girls) know of any good herbs that I could use. So far I have decided to use Ginseng, Gingko-Bilboa extract, and Valerian. Also, it would be nice if you could tell me their uses and what they treat. All help is appreciated.

  139. I have some herbs that a chinese doctor gave me to help with a skin condition, but it’s been about 3 months that I have them stored. Do they “ruin”? Or would it still be good for a decoction?

  140. Im trying to grow medicinal herbs this season, but i’m impatient and want some useful medicinal herbs that will be useful in just one growing season, any ideas?

  141. Can you use the medicinal herbs chaste tree berries and hop in food recipes without losing their medicinal propperties. I f you can does anyone know any recipes, sweet or savoury.

  142. I have some tea that I bought that says made with Medicinal Grade Passionflower and Hops. What does it mean by Medicinal Grade? Also what type of tea do you find is relaxing, have read on valerian, green, chammomile etc, any suggestions are good, as if helps relex so a good nights sleep is a bonus. Thanks

  143. Most garden books I have seen in stores are for general gardening in places like New York or Illinois. I’m looking for a book that is for the year around gardening conditions here in California. Help please?

  144. I have a science biology/ project to work on.could anyone be kind enough to mention some medicinal herbs &give their curative properties.Pls give some common herbs like tulisi ,alovera,curry leaves,perandhe ,neem, or some common herbs which i can find easily. I dont want too familiar or common herbs as i need my work to be unique . Pls also give some URLs which give info on such things.

  145. Can you name some famous gardens in the world? Where are they? Why are they famous? Whatever you can tell me about them would help.

  146. I need to know this for my PDHPE task about allergies. Can you also please state the differences and similarities?

    Thank You Very Much
    Grazie Moltissimo
    Emgoy Lay
    Domo Origato

  147. I wish to purchase a garden ornament but dont just want to stand it on its own looking boring in my garden. Im trying to find some inspiration for backdrops from the net but cant find any. AND my PC is so slow I wonder if anyone can send me some sites with photos for ideas. Its a LARGE garden. We are not talking small garden.

  148. i would like to know if there are companies, sellers and/or importers of medicinal and aromatic herbs and sage in michigan?
    I am the representant of an albanian company that deals with aromatic and medicinal herbs

  149. does anyone know the name of a couple of GOOD books that will guide me in what herbs work well with each other? OR, how to figure out which herbs will complement each other when making herbal formulas for various conditions.

    I’m not interested in any herbs other than what would be grown in the US. Also, I’m not into Wicca or herbs for getting high. Also, please no Middle Eastern or Asian herbs.

  150. I am very interested in medicinal herbs. I don’t intend to become a doctor, or a pharmacist. Can I learn their basic uses as an amateur? If yes, how? Are there any classes I need to take?
    Thank you in advance!

  151. We live on a modern housing estate – normal sized garden. Any idea how much a garden designer/landscaper usually charges for re-planning garden? Thanks.

  152. I am looking for sites on the Internet about modern gardening preferably with pictures. I have a really small garden and would like to keep it simple and clean. Any ideas? Thank you!

  153. And how much do you think it will cost from Covent Garden to Sloane Street?
    Just planning ahead, I usually walk around London, but not if the weather doesn’t improve by Thursday!

  154. Would you garden or farm? When I say gardern I mean like a 10′ X 10′ garden or 20′ X 25′ garden. Basically food for your family. Why or why not.

  155. What Are The Different Gardens Show Sites
    My Mum Really Want The Garden Done So Thought I Would Look Up Sites To Submit And Try And Do Up My Mums


  156. Just about every cheat site says that if you obtain a neutral chaos chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, a 4th garden called teh chaos garden appears. Some say it’s true, some say it’s not. What is the truth?

  157. What defines a tacky garden to you? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for sure….and I fully believe a garden should be an expression of one’s self. What I love…you may hate (and visa versa).

    But….in YOUR opinion, what defines a tacky garden?

  158. I have a 8ft x 10ft stretch of land in my back garden. It’s walled, i’d say the walls are maybe shin level and the base and walls are made of concrete. I’m thinking of filling the bottom of it with gravel for drainage, and then filling the rest of it with soil to start my own herb garden. I’ve never even tried gardening before (until recently, i’ve never lived anywhere with more than a windowsill plantpot). Does anyone have some general tips for me on what soil to use generally for herbs, how to keep out pests, and anything else i should be aware of? Any help would be greatly appreciated, i feel like i’m already getting the “gardening bug” and i’m only in the planning stage :)

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